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Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action Left Out 2 Major Characters from Series Who Are Vital for Later Seasons

Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action Left Out 2 Major Characters from Series Who Are Vital for Later Seasons

One Piece’s live-action broke all the expectations of the fans and viewers and was a commercial success. The second season of the franchise has already been announced. Season 1 followed the manga closely but made some changes, such as leaving out some characters who should have been introduced. One Piece live-action season 1 left out two major characters for later seasons.

A still from Netflix One Piece
One Piece Live-Action

One of the reasons for the ground-breaking success of One Piece live-action was how they compacted 90+ chapters in one season without making several changes to the story. However, there are a few unique and strong characters that Netflix has purposefully left out for the upcoming season.

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Which characters were left out of One Piece live-action season 1

Although the show’s creators stuck to the manga’s storyline as best they could, some alterations were made to the characters’ format.

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Some characters were introduced very early, despite not being in the first 100 chapters; on the other hand, some characters were purposely left out for upcoming reasons.

Characters like Hachi and Tashigi were not animated, even though they were part of the storyline and rather critical to the plot.

Hachi and Tashigi One Piece
Hachi and Tashigi One Piece

However, Netflix management and show creators might have planned something more extensive for fans with these characters, which can be a reason for their delay in the introduction.


The other reason is that they were too difficult to animate and would have taken a significant budget despite having very little screen time.

We would have to wait to see how long it takes before we finally see Hachi and Tashigi brought to life in Netflix’s One Piece.

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Why were these characters left out of One Piece live-action season 1?

The reason these characters are left out of the first season of One Piece live-action still needs to be discovered. However, the difficulties the team could face might be one of them.

Hachi’s fighting style and character will be too expensive to animate, and the actor would have also needed to adapt to his fighting style with six swords, which will take a lot of time and a considerable amount of budget.

A screenshot from the One Piece Live Action
The Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece

The decision to leave out Tashigi was interesting to see, as she is one of the manga’s significant characters. Even Zoro was impressed by her skills, and it would have been a pleasure to watch her in live-action. However, we must wait for some time before seeing both in action.


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