“Your wait will be rewarded”: NetherRealm Announces First Mortal Kombat 1 Kombat Kast

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Mortal Kombat isn’t far away whatsoever, with the upcoming game due to drop on September 19th, 2023. Before that though, we have to wade our way through all the news and press releases NetherRealm and franchise creator Ed Boon bless us with.


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Most recently Ed Boon was doing his usual thing on Twitter, teasing fans of the fighting franchise that we’ll be seeing more fighter reveals soon, and that was quickly followed by the official Twitter account of Mortal Kombat 1 announcing the first ‘Kombat Kast’, an online event centred around the game, revealing new gameplay, fighters and more.


What should we expect from the Kombat Kast?

As above, there’s a lot that’s going to be going on with the Kombat Kast. Of course we expect to see much, much more than just Scorpion and Johnny Cage, but along with this announcement of their gameplay breakdowns, both characters had their Mortal Kombat 1 bio’s released.

“Like his cherished father, Scorpion is dedicated to the Lin Kuei and its defense of Earthrealm. When his father died, Scorpion was bereft. Though he took pride in knowing that his brother, Sub-Zero, would succeed their father as the Lin Kuei’s Grandmaster. But Sub-Zero’s unprecedented moves to cast off the Lin Kuei’s traditional duties have frozen Scorpion’s enthusiasm. He fears that he may one day have to battle his brother for control of the Lin Kuei’s legacy.”

“Like many stars before him, Johnny became addicted to his fame. He came to measure his self-worth by his fans’ adoration and their praise of him on social media, but with his star now fading, Johnny is fighting an uphill battle to remain relevant. He joins Liu Kang’s Earthrealm champions hoping that it will provide his career and his fame a desperately needed boost.”

For those unaware, Mortal Kombat 1 represents a resetting of the franchise storyline, and with it NetherRealm have the opportunity to tweak and rework certain characters and their origin stories. As you can see, not a huge amount has changed, but it the bios have fuelled speculation on Sub-Zero and Scorpion, no less. Whether any of that gets answered at the upcoming Kombat Kast is another matter though.


Kombat Kast

Fans are expecting the reveal of more fighters, or at least, more than just the confirmed Kameo reveals, with teases and hints being thrown everywhere by the developer. Fans are adamant Mortal Kombat 1 represents the return of two long-forgotten characters, which hopefully will be confirmed.

With the game’s stress-test only recently coming to an end, and with the gaming both so close and yet so far, fans (and ourselves) are clamouring for more information, and will take literally anything right now. Leaks have taken some of the glitz and glamour from the upcoming Kombat Kast, but for the main part of it, we still have no idea what to expect.


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Scheduled to take place on July 6th (this Thursday at 10am PT/6pm GMT) over on NetherRealm’s Twitch channel, will you be tuning in? What are you expecting to see? Let us know in the comments!

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