“Never really had too many regrets… Until…”: Not Even Mark Wahlberg’s Biblical $400M Fortune Can Erase One of His Life’s Greatest Regrets

The Transformer star regrets never going to college, despite being one of the richest Hollywood stars!

Not Even Mark Wahlberg's Biblical $400M Fortune Can Erase One of His Life's Greatest Regrets


  • Starring in highly acclaimed films like The Departed, The Fighter, and Transformers, Mark Wahlberg boasts a $400M net worth.
  • Wahlberg and his wife, Rhea Durham, visited their daughter, Ella Rae, who is living in South Carolina for her college
  • Visiting his daughter at her college, the actor wishfully thinks he should've attended one too.
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Mark Wahlberg is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, with a career spanning over three decades. He has starred in some of the biggest blockbusters of all time, including The Departed, The Fighter, and Transformers. However, the actor said that he misses going to college. He regrets not having this experience.

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg

In an interview with Today, Mark Wahlberg, the actor with a $400 million fortune revealed that visiting his daughter Ella at college made him wish he could go back to that time. He and his wife, Rhea Durham, visited their daughter, Ella Rae, who is living in South Carolina for her college, for parents’ week.

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Mark Wahlberg Admitted that He Regrets Skipping College

In a recent interview with “Today” Show (Via Fox News), Mark Wahlberg opened up about missing out on college. Wahlberg and his wife recently visited their daughter Ella Rae in South Carolina for parents’ weekend, he said:

We just went to parents’ weekend, you know with the sorority girls and the frat house. It was like, Oh my God. I definitely felt like I never really had too many regrets about not going to college until I saw (this).”

Mark Wahlberg with his wife and children
Mark Wahlberg with his wife and children

She’s just so happy there,” he said. “She’s really thriving.”

Ella Rae, 20, is Wahlberg and Durham’s eldest child out of four kids. The couple, who have been married for 14 years, are also parents to Michael, Brendan Joseph and Grace Margaret.


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Mark Wahlberg on Their Relocation from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Mark Wahlberg says he has no regrets about leaving Los Angeles for Las Vegas. According to the Ted star, his children “love Vegas.” Wahlberg also mentioned that while he had spent a lot of time chasing his interests and career in L.A., it was now time for his kids to pursue theirs in Las Vegas.

Mark Wahlberg with his wife and children
Mark Wahlberg with his wife and children

He said in a chat with E! News, “I spent lots of time in L.A. pursuing my interests and my career, and now it’s time for them to pursue theirs.”


In an October 2022 interview with The Talk co-host Sheryl Underwood, the actor said:

We came here to just kind of give ourselves a new look, a fresh start for the kids. There’s lot of opportunity here. I’m really excited about the future.”

Overall, Wahlberg said he aimed to give his children a higher quality of life with the move.

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