New PlayStation Feature Could Revolutionise Multiplayer Nights with Your Friends as Sony Finally Catch Up to Everyone Else

There is a new addition that could change multiplayer interaction.



  • Sony has just revealed a new PlayStation feature that will improve the invitation system on the console.
  • PS5 players will be able to generate a link from the PS App to invite friends to their matches, though this feature has not yet launched.
  • The company says it will add the feature in the coming months.
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Over the years, the PlayStation 5 from Sony has introduced numerous features, such as enhanced game assistance, the ability to record gameplay, and the ability to upload video, among others. 


The company is now planning to add a new feature that will help players anticipate multiplayer matches with friends and accelerate the process. This new PlayStation feature will let the user share an invitation link with their friends, generated via the PS App.

This PlayStation Feature Will Improve the Way Players Invite Their Friends to Games

This new PlayStation feature could really improve the user experience.
This new PlayStation feature could improve the user experience.

Sony is always trying to improve the user experience in the menus and HUD of the PS5. The addition of numerous features over the years illustrates Sony’s continual efforts to enhance player integration through the PS App as a direct link to the console. This latest update further upgrades the platform, so the community can help players stuck on certain parts of a game. 


The new planned PlayStation feature will use the PS App as its primary tool of innovation. Sony will release it in the next few months and improve the invitation system by giving the player the ability to create an invite with the PS App and share a QR or link with any friend.

The idea is to make the process more comfortable and quick, so the user can send a link anywhere and be ready to play from the start.


Sony Is Working on a Real Improvement

Sony is planning to launch this in the upcoming months.
Sony is planning to launch this in the upcoming months.

Once fans heard about this new feature, the reception on X was very positive. This could speed up the way players set up a party to play an online game. Players can also scan the QR code on their console to enter the party and start playing. The idea is that the player can enter these sessions from any social media platform, and Sony is working hard to launch the update as soon as possible in the coming months.

PlayStation has also clarified that there will be a widget for Discord users to join these parties and play from anywhere. The mobile app and the PS app will be synchronized all the time. The company is collaborating with developers to integrate this feature into the many games in the PS5’s vast catalog. Sony’s PlayStation blog will be the first to reveal when this feature is available to all users.

The latest PS Plus games for this month are EA Sports FC 24, Ghostrunner 2, Tunic, and Destiny 2: Lightfall. Some players are celebrating these titles saying it is a good month to be a user of the premium service. One of the surprises is FC 24, which is the latest entry in the franchise, and was not expected to land on a subscription service so soon. Given the game’s multiplayer function, this update will be especially useful for fans of EA’s latest entry. 


What are your thoughts about this new PlayStation feature? Should Sony be focused on more important issues or is this a win for gamers? Let us know in the comments below!


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