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New Warriors BTS Images Reveal The World Lost A Marvel Television Gem

The famous writer Kevin Biegel revealed some New Warriors B.T.S. images by tweeting about deleted photos of Milana Vayntrub in the costume as Squirrel Girl/Doreen Green. But except that, it was visible what MCU lost when Marvel discontinued the live-action television series project. From Jessica Jones to Luke Cage, Marvel indeed has created many unique, continuity-driven shows and has received some critical acclaim. Unfortunately, Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. also received the same type of criticism after the show gave up to tie in with the events in the MCU’s movies.

New Warriors

1. Will Marvel Television Take Any Risks?

The above-listed series shows that MCU has so far avoided showing violence and sexual content. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. were way more honest about showing the natural physical desires than the other MCU movies. Both Agent Carter and Luke Cage were way more daring when it came to sexism and Black masculinity. The show did it before any of the MCU’s films or Disney+ series touched on similar topics.

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From the wide range of aesthetics to psychedelic visuals of Legion, Marvel Television’s shows had a whole range of different styles. For example, Cloak and Dagger’s series targeted a specific young adult and older teenage audience, just like Marvel’s catered to the former viewers. By Biegel’s Twitter posts, it looks like the New Warrior series also aimed to be queer-friendly.

2. Marvel TV shows Vs. MCU’s Films.

New Warriors

Jeph Loeb, the Executive Vice President of Marvel Television, was one of the biggest problems. He was criticized for promoting East Asian stereotypes with many Marvel Netflix series. Daredevil actor Peter Shinkoda claimed that Loeb made anti-Asian comments. But, reportedly, Loeb planned to leave the company before Marvel’s restructuring plan. This will open the doors of MCU’s T.V. side in a broader direction, just as Marvel Studios does now. 


Marvel Television shows had a specific kind of artistic freedom that the films didn’t have. A certain amount of movies focused directly on adults, while some just mixed up things. But MCU’s Disney+ series has to accept the fact by streaming the limitations on some mature content and not shifting too far from the in-house style of Marvel Studios’ movie-formula. The shows on Marvel Television are less constricted as compared to other Marvel Studios productions. Although Biegel’s ideas into New Warriors’ B.T.S. images indicate that MCU could have used some more of that.

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