“God damn I don’t own an Xbox”: Ninja Theory Ramp Up Hellblade 2 Hype with a Deep Dive in an Incredible Feature Everyone Will be Using

"Wow, that's an insanely detailed photo mode."

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  • Hellblade 2 developer Ninja Theory showcases the best features of its photo mode.
  • Players can tweak the lighting, change character positions, apply filters, and much more.
  • Fans are excited to get their hands on the game and spend hours in photo mode.
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Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is inching closer to its release date of May 21, and the hype around the game is growing more and more. Although Xbox has not been putting a lot of effort into marketing the game, developer Ninja Theory has taken it upon itself to show off the game and its features.


The upcoming sequel is building upon the best features of the first game and improving them to make it one of the best releases of the year. The developer has now shared one of the best features in the game that almost every player will be using, and it could be the industry’s best.

Ninja Theory Shows Off Hellblade 2 Photo Mode With an Impressive Deep Dive

Hellblade 2 has an impressive Photo Mode with an abundance of features.
Hellblade 2 has an impressive Photo Mode with an abundance of features.

As the graphics and animations in video games have improved over the years, the developers have been launching the games with a dedicated photo mode for players to capture their favorite moments and environments. These modes ship with better camera controls, more visual effects, and much more.


The developer announced on May 1 that it will share tidbits from Hellblade 2 every single day until the launch. It has now shared a deep dive video about the Hellblade 2 photo mode, and it looks very impressive and is filled with several features that every virtual photographer will appreciate.

The clip shared shows different options and tools that players would be able to use in the game. These include the standard camera placement and filter options, as well as other ridiculously amazing titles such as the ability to manipulate characters, add effects, and several other things.


The photo mode also has lens settings for character position, tilt, field of view, and depth of field. There are also options for color temperature and tint. Players can also create several light sources and also change the settings for hue, brightness, range, illumination style, and more, basically adding custom lighting as they please.

Players Can Even Tweak The Character in Photo Mode

Players can change almost everything in the photo.
Players can change almost everything in the photo.

Players can also use adjustable light bulbs, moving them around and attaching them to the camera or any part of the level that will allow them to illuminate any part of the picture. While these features in photo mode are some of the best yet seen in games, there is also the “Character” tab that has many more features for players.

The options in the character tab include the ability to change characters, rotate them, move them up and down, north/south, and east/west—basically everything one would be able to do in photo editing software. These are some of the best features that have ever been in photo mode.


Players are excited to see these features and have appreciated the detailing and other features that are in the photo mode. The lighting is what has impressed the community the most. Many also said that they would be filling their console memory with pictures, and some are just sad that they do not have an Xbox console.

What are your thoughts about the photo mode in Hellblade 2? Let us know in the comments.


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