Nintendo Becomes the Last of the Big 3 to Abandon Twitter, with PlayStation and Xbox Long Since Gone

Elon Musk keeps losing clients.

Nintendo Switch on Twitter


  • X (former Twitter) is really making bad decisions just to earn a few more dollars; brands like PlayStation and Xbox have already abandoned the platform.
  • Nintendo has just confirmed that since June 10, the Switch will no longer have the option to post pictures directly to X.
  • The gaming division of X has declared that the relationship with the Japanese brand is stronger than ever, while the post confirmed this.
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According to several reports, Elon Musk has made the use of the API from X (former Twitter) very expensive, so several companies are completely terminating the integration with the social media platform. 


Since PlayStation and Xbox made this decision a few months ago, Nintendo has now confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will no longer be able to post pictures to X from the console as of June 10. X Gaming responded by stating that their bond with the brand is more robust than ever, while also acknowledging this change.

Nintendo Is Also Leaving Twitter

Nintendo is leaving Twitter, like Xbox and PlayStation.
Nintendo is leaving Twitter, like Xbox and PlayStation.

Since Elon Musk bought the former social media site known as Twitter, the owner of Tesla has made significant changes to the platform that many users don’t like at all. In an attempt to boost the company’s revenue, Musk increased the cost for big companies using the social media site’s API; however, these increases were not well-received, leading these companies to abandon the platform integration.


PlayStation and Xbox have already said no to the cost increase, and they have decided not to be able to post screenshots of the games directly from the console. Nintendo has just announced that, as of June 10, the Switch will no longer have the option to post on X from the console.

The problem is that the Japanese company has almost no other way to upload the pictures from the console; it does not even have an app to use.

Playstation and Xbox Have Already Abandoned the Platform

Many companies are leaving the Elon Musk platform.
Many companies are leaving the Elon Musk platform.

In April 2023, Microsoft announced its decision to exit the Elon Musk platform due to various factors, such as the escalating costs associated with publicity and the utilization of X’s API. According to some reports, there is a monthly cost between $40,000 and up to $210,000, so the brand just decided to abandon the site and never come back. This strategy is not working for Musk; every day, a new brand leaves the site.


With the weird X post from the gaming division of the site, many players replied to the post by saying that the relationship with Nintendo is not strong at all, and the only reason why this happened is for the increases in prices. They even utilized the unique features of X and provided links to several articles to support their claim that Nintendo’s departure from the popular social media site is due to these issues.

Nintendo needs to think of a more intuitive way to post pictures and screenshots of the Switch titles on social media. It needs to release some kind of app to make this easier. On June 11, there will be only three ways to upload content from the console: via Facebook or using a flash drive directly connected to the dock. You can pass every screenshot to the device, and you can also use a QR code to pass four pictures at a time.

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