Reported Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks Emerge and it Looks to Be an Actual Leap Forward for the Zelda and Mario Manufacturer

When will this game giant make its move?

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  • According to new Nintendo Switch 2 leaks, the console will most likely be backwards compatible.
  • Thanks to some details shared by a peripheral manufacturer, this new console will have more buttons.
  • Nintendo has not yet confirmed or denied these leaks, so the sources are not entirely reliable.
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There are a lot of rumors from Mario’s creators about the next console. Nintendo is likely to release the Nintendo Switch 2 next year, with an announcement expected in 2024. A peripheral manufacturer claims that the company will significantly alter the button layout and distribution on the upcoming console. 


According to many alleged leaks, this new platform will have a lot of backward compatibility with controllers and games. The design also stated that new buttons will be located near the classic buttons, such as HOME.

According to the Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks, the New Console Will be Very Compatible with Previous Equipment and Gear

There may have been leaks of Nintendo Switch 2 designs.
There may have been leaks of Nintendo Switch 2 designs.

Months or even years before the official launch of a new gaming platform, rumors and leaks abound about the features of the upcoming console. Every new generation is the same, and few sources revealed information that ended up being the truth once the console launched. The creators of games like Zelda, Mario, and many more iconic gaming characters are close to releasing a new console.


At this point, the Nintendo Switch 2 is practically a necessity; the current console can no longer run any third-party games without glitching and overheating; this platform is nearly 7 years old; and many titles can’t run over 30 frames per second. The fathers of Kirby really need to release a proper successor to the Switch, so a new generation of players can enjoy these amazing IPs. The current leaks have revealed many new details.

Switch 2 is a Console that Apparently Will Have Pro-Backward Compatibility

Switch 2 will reportedly be heavily backwards compatible.
Switch 2 will reportedly be heavily backwards compatible.

Mobapad, a manufacturer of peripheral gear for this Nintendo console, has allegedly revealed new details about the design of the second version of this console. One of the first details is that this new platform will be backwards compatible with Joy-Cons, Pro Controller, and even games on the original console. This also includes things like the famous HD Rumble that will be included with this feature.

According to the leaks, the new version of the Joy-Cons will have magnetic rather than slide technology. The description said that these new controllers will have one more button on each side of the device. The Switch 2 will support 4K resolution, and it will have a USC-C charge base. It will also have a new button right next to the HOME button. The new dock station will have more adjustable angles with a particular bracket.


This leak suggests that, similar to the current console, the platform’s primary focus will not be on graphics, but rather on gameplay features that will entice users to choose this console over competitors. Nintendo has not disclosed a specific release date or public announcement for this console. Previous launches indicated that Nintendo would announce the next console this year, with a release date of 2025.

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