The Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date Seems to have Been Leaked

During CES 2024, Altec Lansing accidentally announced the Nintendo Switch 2's release date, but have no altered this statement.


  • Nintendo Switch 2's release date may have been teased by an AI company as CES 2024.
  • The Nintendo Switch 2 could be released sometime in September this year.
  • Altec Lansing the AI company has altered its statement regarding the Nintendo Switch
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Yesterday, the CES 2024 show began, and one AI company may have said too much, as Altec Lansing may have teased the release date for the Nintendo Switch 2. This announcement came about while Altec Lansing was revealing an artificial intelligence-powered successor to the Gameshark, which will be known as the AI Shark.


At the moment, there has been no confirmation from Nintendo as to whether or not the release date that has been teased by Altec Lansing is accurate or not, but after the announcement was made, Altec Lansing has already begun back pedaling as they have published follow-ups about the Nintendo Switch 2’s reveal.

Why Did Altec Lansing Tease the Release of the Nintendo Switch 2, and Why Are They Now Backing Down?

Nintendo Switch 2's release month could have just been teased.
Nintendo Switch 2’s release month could have just been teased.

During CES 2024, Altec Lansing was one of the many companies announcing brand-new technologies for all to see throughout the event. Their main item was the AI-powered successor to Gameshark, which they have described as:


The innovative gaming software is set to mark a significant leap forward in the gaming experience, bringing enhanced gameplay for beginner-level users. The official launch is planned to coincide with the Nintendo Switch 2 in September 2024.

Altec Lansing, CES 2024

But what made this announcement so unique was the fact that Altec Lansing added in the fact that this new software will be available roughly at the same time as the Nintendo Switch 2’s release, sometime in September of this year.

For obvious reasons, this raised a few eyebrows, as Nintendo hasn’t even announced whether or not the Nintendo Switch 2 will be named as such or has even teased a release date. Because of this, Altec Lansing is already backing down with their announcements.


Now that the dust has settled, Altec Lansing has already begun to issue statements to try and fix its error, stating that the Nintendo platform could be released sometime in “fall 2024” rather than providing an exact month.

However, this announcement was shortly changed again not long after, as now Altec Lansing has issued another statement saying Nintendo has not offered an official release date for its next console, seemingly proving that most likely Nintendo has clamped down on them for this accidental announcement.

For all we know, Altec Lansing may not have even known the release date for the Nintendo Switch 2 in the first place and may have just made an educated guess to try and drum up hype for their new software, but from the looks of things, they are already suffering the consequences.


Does this Accidental Announcement Bring a Bit of Truth With It, Or Are We Just Hoping?

According to an AI company, we could be seeing the Nintendo Switch 2 sometime in September.
According to an AI company, we could be seeing the Nintendo Switch 2 sometime in September.

At the moment, we know that Nintendo is working on a new platform with an estimated release date of this year.

Thanks to the countless leaks and rumors that have taken place over the past year, we can safely assume that the next console to be released from Nintendo will be a new version of the Nintendo Switch, but stronger and more capable.

If anyone is going to know when a new console will be released, it will be the companies that design the software that goes into the numerous consoles each year. So this news does have some truth to it.


As stated above, this could have just been an attention grab from Altec Lansing, but considering it was announced with a large amount of confidence and also received an immediate change, we can only assume that Nintendo has gotten involved because this AI company is either making an accidental announcement or a mile off the mark and making false promises.

Hopefully we may see the Nintendo Switch 2 sometime later this year, but now with this announcement, it wouldn’t be too strange for Nintendo to bring the release forward to shake things up slightly. Until we get an official announcement from Nintendo, we can only wait and see.

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