“No amount of PR in the world that could save the boy’s career”: Stranger Things Final Season Filming Begins as Fans Troll Noah Schnapp

Noah Schnapp got trolled online after Season 5 of Stranger Things starting filming, owing to his utterly controversial comments.

"No amount of PR in the world that could save the boy's career": Stranger Things Final Season Filming Begins as Fans Troll Noah Schnapp


  • Noah Schnapp's presence in the beloved show, Stranger Things has become utterly controversial, especially after the filming of Season 5 having already begun.
  • The actor recently took a pro-Israel stance on all that is happening in Gaza, leading him become a controversial figure.
  • After hearing the recent update on the show, fans trolled Schnapp online, and asked the Duffer Brothers to kill him off on the series.
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Stranger Things and its cast are miles away from where they were when the series first came out. First released in 2016, the series featured six child actors, who became huge personalities for the media. Fans watched them grow and turn into individuals right in front of their eyes. Unfortunately for a few of them, they did not like what they saw. Noah Schnapp is the perfect example of this. When he was younger, fans adored him.

A still from Stranger Things
A still from Stranger Things

Now that he is older, and has a mind of his own, things have changed. The actor has recently become a controversial figure after he took a pro-Israel stance on all that is happening in Gaza. This, along with the news of the beginning of filming of Stranger Things’s finale season, has led to the actor getting trolled online.

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Stranger Things Begins Filming Its Final Season

Stranger Things is one of the most beloved and watched shows of all time. Redefining what it means to watch television and pushing its bounds, the horror show gained an audience that is very rarely seen. With each season that the show comes out with, it only seems to be getting better and better, all leading up to the climax, its fifth and final season. This has been anticipated and speculated about ever since the fourth season came in the form of Vecna in all his glory.

Noah Schnapp in Stranger Things season 1
Noah Schnapp in Stranger Things season 1

With how this season ended, one would assume that all the talk around the fifth season would be about theories and potential plots, however, with all that has transpired behind the scenes, this is not the case. It was recently announced by Discussing Film on X that the filming of the fifth season of this show has begun.

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Fans Troll Noah Schnapp

While the start of filming for the fifth season is highly anticipated news, it would seem that all that fans can talk about is what the set would be like now that Noah Schnapp has become a controversial figure. One fan started a conversation around this, wondering just how awkward the set of this season must be. Everyone on set has very differing and vocal political and personal views about the state of the world. Some simply talked about how, after all that he has said, his character should be killed off, adding there are very few who are interested in Will Byers’s storyline at this point.

Noah Schnapp as Will Byers in Stranger Things
Noah Schnapp as Will Byers in Stranger Things

Considering just how many characters are in Stranger Things, the Duffer Brothers could try and get away with this. Many believe that there is no way that Schnapp and his PR team can get him out of this mess. They added that with all that he has said himself, and been caught doing, no one would be interested in his career in the future. Some even added that if his character is prominent in the final season, it is likely that fans would not want to watch it, boycotting the show instead. It is safe to say that Schnapp’s presence in this beloved show has become a controversial one.


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