No Man’s Sky Celebrates Seventh Birthday and Teases next Update in an Aim to Combat Starfield’s Popularity

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The game that keeps on giving, No Man’s Sky is returning with ANOTHER update, this one will bring the total number to 27! The reasoning behind this is to combat another title, just around the corner, and to see if a 7-year-old game can keep up with today’s standards when it comes to the same subject matter.


With Starfield just around the corner, the Xbox-exclusive title is set to take off and explore the universe. Since all of the footage is readily available, we cannot help but make the connection in regard to similarities between this title and No Man’s Sky in both content and style.

It Is Hard Not to Compare the Two Games, But Given the Subject Matter It Is Inevitable

No Man's Sky fans are anxiously awaiting the release of Starfield to see how it compares to the Hello Games title
No Man’s Sky fans are anxiously awaiting the release of Starfield to see how it compares to the Hello Games title.

When the game was first revealed, Starfield was automatically compared to No Man’s Sky by the gaming community in true gaming community fashion. Comparisons to the combat, the exploration, the look, the mining, everything. It looks as if Hello Games, the team behind No Man’s Sky, took notice of this.


Based on the updates we have seen from No Man’s Sky, we cannot deny there have been huge improvements to the game that initially had a rocky start. However, this is the idea most companies adopt when releasing games within a window they deem acceptable. This then leads to pressure getting the game finished for launch, and this did not happen with No Man’s Sky.

Since then, the game has progressed leaps and bounds with added VR support, robots, aliens, visual overhauls, and much more.

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The newest update is simply titled Echoes, and no details have been released in regard to its content or what it will contain. But we cannot help thinking this was announced in the wake of Starfield hitting consoles and PCs in a matter of weeks to show No Man’s Sky is still alive and kicking.

Some fans think Starfield see the same troubles as No Man's Sky.
Some fans think Starfield could see the same troubles as No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky has been ever expanding since 2016, so Starfield will be heavily compared upon release to No Man’s Sky. When No Man’s Sky was initially shown it looked phenomenal, and the fact that it was an independent title was what made it impressive. Usually these independent titles are smaller teams working double the hours, but delivering projects sometimes twice the size of a AAA title. When the first footage of No Man’s Sky was shown it was hard not to get excited about it; however, when we all got to play it, what was delivered was an empty universe.

With Starfield, both Xbox studios and Todd Howard alongside Bethesda have been slowly dropping marketing surrounding the project, giving us a taste of what to expect. Since the game is releasing in just a few weeks, we believe they are likely to deliver the goods on launch. If this title was released and there were zero bugs or issues I would be shocked. However, as long as this isn’t another Cyberpunk 2077 launch, and the game is still playable with minor issues, we should be extremely happy especially given the size of the game.


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Dog fights are very frequent in Starfield as you traverse the universe.

With the amount of content shown in every preview we have had for Starfield so far, and the Starfield direct shown a few months back, we cannot help but be a bit cautious. We do not want to get ourselves locked into a game promising 30 – 40 hours worth of story alone, (not including space & world exploration) that ends up being a disappointment.

With many in the gaming community calling this game “Skyrim in Space,” this title would probably bring a smile to Todd Howard’s face. In fact, just hearing it uttered would probably be a confidence boost or a slight scare on the idea of delivering a game in the same league as Skyrim.


The content is out there for all to see how No Man’s Sky performed as it was continuously expanded and updated to make the game fuller and richer with every passing year. Now in 2023, the game is a fantastic exploration game with more content and accessibility than you could want from this genre.

What do you think of Starfield? Are you getting it on launch or sticking with the ever-expanding No Man’s Sky? Do you think the games are too similar? Let us know in the comments!

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