“No one can do it better”: Kevin Spacey Gets Rare Support from One Director, Claims Disgraced Actor Deserves a Comeback

The House of Cards actor has beaten his allegations, something Michael Zaiko Hall thinks will help the actor make a comback.

“No one can do it better”: Kevin Spacey Gets Rare Support from One Director, Claims Disgraced Actor Deserves a Comeback


  • Michael Zaiko Hall has come out in support of his film's star Kevin Spacey
  • The actor has won against the allegations levied against him
  • Hall believes this might help Spacey make a comeback in the industry
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Kevin Spacey has had a tough time, ever since the actor was forced to exit his smash hit Netflix Original, House of Cards. The actor found himself knee-deep in accusations of sexual abuse and misconduct and has since struggled to find work in mainstream Hollywood.

Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey

As the industry largely turned against the House of Cards star, there were a rare few who supported the actor, claiming he was innocent of the charges. One such celebrity is Michael Zaiko Hall, the director who has cast Spacey in his upcoming film, Peter Five Eight

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Michael Zaiko Hall believes the accusations are the domain of the criminal justice system

Kevin Spacey in House of Cards
Kevin Spacey

Speaking about the accusations levied on Spacey, Hall, speaking to The Messenger, said that he did not believe it was his place to make a judgement based on them. The director said:

“In terms of accusations, I felt that was the domain of the criminal justice system. I don’t think it’s on filmmakers to read innuendo online and act as judge and jury. My responsibility is with the film, casting the best guy. The courts are where accusations are put under scrutiny, and Kevin has won his trials.”

Hall has been very clear in his stance about the actor’s accusation. The courts declared that Spacey was not liable in his sexual misconduct case, winning him the trial. Other controversies surrounded the artist like his coming out just as the cases were gathering steam. While there is the court of public opinion to sort through, Spacey seems to be in the clear now.

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Kevin Spacey deserves another chance, says Michael Zaiko Hall

Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey

Hall went on record to say that Spacey deserves a comeback. Given that Spacey has been acquitted, Hall has also talked about where the film stands now. The director said:

“There was a lot riding on it.The stock price of the film certainly went up. The movie would be in a tough spot if he lost. He won his trials; I’d say the fair thing is he can come back”

The film would indeed be in a tough spot if Spacey had lost the trial, given that it was already in a dicey spot casting the actor in the film. However, given that that is no longer the case, Spacey might be primed to make a comeback. However, the nature of the accusations against the actor might make it difficult for him to do so, even if he has been proven innocent beyond doubt.

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