“No wonder Batman is so angry all the time”: DC Fan Explains Why Life As The Caped Crusader Is Tough Using Ben Affleck’s Bat Suit

This video sheds light on the reality of becoming Batman and the price that comes with it.

"No wonder Batman is so angry all the time": DC Fan Explains Why Life As The Caped Crusader Is Tough Using Ben Affleck's Bat Suit


  • Many actors who have played Batman have talked about how uncomfortable it is to wear the bat suit.
  • In a YouTube video by cosplayer Cosplay Chris, he explains the challenges of wearing Ben Affleck's bat suit.
  • The video garnered funny reactions from viewers.
  • Despite its popularity among cosplayers, the suit is not easy to wear.
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As cool as the actors look as Batman, many of them have opened up about their horrible experiences with wearing their Bat suits for donning it is not an easy job or even a comfortable one. This fact was very easily demonstrated by one DC fan.

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Ben Affleck in The Flash
Ben Affleck

In a YouTube video uploaded by Cosplay Chris, a famous cosplayer, he details the whole experience of wearing Ben Affleck’s famous bat suit and how horribly uncomfortable it is. And naturally, the hilarious video was too much for the viewers who added some insanely funny reactions in the comments.


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DC Fan Explains Why Being Batman Is Hard

a still from the youtube video
a still from the YouTube video

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Batman is one of the most followed and adored fictional characters no doubt. Whether it comes to comics or the TV screen, he remains among the top among the plethora of superheroes. Over the years, while many actors have portrayed the Caped Crusader, Ben Affleck was the last to play him on screen.

Among the numerous choices, Affleck’s bat suit remains one of the most valued and worn among cosplayers. Its unique colors and simplicity, and closeness to its comic-book counterpart, make it a fan favorite. However, despite its simplicity, the suit is not easy to wear.


In a YouTube video uploaded by the famous cosplayer, Cosplay Chris, he reveals what goes behind the scenes to become Gotham’s hero. At first, he appears to put lots of black eye makeup around his eyes, so that the eyes would not look weird after wearing the cowl.

Next wearing the bat suit is a struggle in itself, for getting inside the tight suit is not a walk in the park. After having zipped up, the real challenge is to make sure the suit is aligned and sits perfectly over the body. After watching the video titled Putting on a Batsuit: Expectations vs. Reality, fans had some of the funniest reactions.


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DC Fans React To The Reality Of Becoming Batman

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck as Batman

After watching Cosplay Chris’s hilarious video of the detailed process of how to become the caped crusader, numerous DC fans had their own funny inputs about the process. While some applauded Ben Affleck for enduring it, others exclaimed,


“No wonder Batman is so angry all the time.”

“Batman finally arrives at the scene of the crime Bats: I’m here! Where’s the Joker!
Gordon: We caught him 5 hours ago, where the hell were you?
flashbacks to him struggling with his suit
Bats: I was fighting Superman..”
Meanwhile, in the comments, other DC cosplayers exclaimed that this is exactly what goes behind wearing the Bat suit. Well, just as fans noted, this is the price to pay for becoming Batman.

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