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‘No wonder he’s not like Tobey’s Spider-Man’: Kevin Feige Claims Tom Holland’s Real Spider-Man Moment Happened in Homecoming, Fans Say There Can’t Be a True Spidey Without The Famous Quote

Tom Holland holds a special place among the Marvel fandom for playing the most accurate and dedicated Spider-Man on the screen, while his off-screen charm and jovial personality have kept the fans demanding more of his character in the MCU films. The Marvel Studios’ establishment of Spider-Man within the MCU began not as any other classic Spider-Man saga but dived head first into the story of Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War.

Tom Holland's epic Spider-Man introduction into the MCU in Civil War
Tom Holland’s epic Spider-Man introduction into the MCU in Civil War

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Since then, Holland’s Spider-Man has scored an enviable record trilogy with appearances in other MCU films, like Infinity War and Endgame. The actor has been the most accurate teenage depiction of the uninhibited and brilliant comic original Peter Parker and has consequently received multiple accolades for his incredible performance.

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Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man Origin Story Revealed

Kevin Feige has recently showered an avalanche of Marvel’s Phase 5 and Phase 6 projects and named the upcoming timeline the Multiverse saga. The villain has been determined. The players are on board. And fans haven’t been able to keep calm. But among all the noise, there are also invocations from the original stories of the MCU narrative and one such story is that of MCU Peter Parker’s key Spider-Man moment.

Tom Holland as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man
Tom Holland as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man

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As any Marvel fan would know, the mainstream MCU Peter Parker did not begin with an Uncle Ben or a Spider-bite in the origin movie, i.e. Spider-Man: Homecoming. But it did include something even better, in Kevin Feige’s judgment. The Marvel Studios’ President and CCO, Feige recalls how Peter Parker’s one of the most powerful moments in the comic was from the issue Amazing Spider-Man No. 33. Homecoming recreated that iconic pose when Holland’s Spider-Man faces off Michael Keaton’s Vulture and thus establishes himself as a true hero in the face of desperate adversity.

Spider-Man and Vulture fight in Homecoming
Spider-Man and Vulture fight in Homecoming

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Kevin Feige Discusses Homecoming‘s Key Moment

Not including the famous Spider-Man origin story was not the only thing amiss in MCU’s Spider-Man. Fans are yet to witness the Earth-838 Green Goblin or Doc Ock squaring off against Spider-Man. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker also introduces Ned and established Liz Allen as his first high-school crush rather than MJ. But the one thing that remains most regrettably missed has been Uncle Ben and his iconic dialogue — “With great power comes great responsibility” — and fans do not forgive easily.

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Ever since he has been on board with the Marvel crew, Feige was sure of one thing — that he somehow needed to recreate the iconic Spider-Man moment from Amazing Spider-Man No. 33 in one of the future MCU movies. With Homecoming, his wish came true. The audience sees him pushing off the metallic and cemented rubble of himself as Holland’s Peter Parker emerges, unfazed and indomitable, with water pouring down on him. The scene, to any comic aficionado, would be worthy of bone-chilling top moments from any of the Marvel films that have stayed true to the comics.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is now streaming on Disney+

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