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“Nobody has called me”: Top Gun: Maverick Star Glen Powell Reveals Marvel Hasn’t Contacted Him For X-Men Role Despite Fans’ Demand, Says He’s Angry and Confused

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Amongst all the movies with sociopaths in spandex and the hundredth reboot of a perfectly good movie from the past, Top Gun: Maverick stood alone and tall. The sequel to the much-loved original Top Gun, the movie starred Tom Cruise as Maverick alongside Glen Powell and Jennifer Connelly.

Glen Powell changed his character's original call sign
Glen Powell changed his character’s original call sign

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Despite working on an existing story, the movie was able to remain original, respect the first film and add new elements to the lore. Top Gun: Maverick was a huge box office as well as a critical hit, raking in a hefty 1.4 billion worldwide.

Glen Powell as X-men’s Cyclops?

Marvel is known for snatching upcoming as well as veteran actors on fan demand, such as John Krasinski for Reed Richards or the rumored inclusion of Henry Cavill as Hyperion. Glen Powell has been another fan favorite, most preferred to play Cyclops in X-men.

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The actor and Top Gun: Maverick‘s director Joseph Kosinski was interviewed by Vanity Fair on the success of the movie, with Joseph Kosinski calling it “pretty mind-blowing”. When asked to comment on him possibly being cast as Cyclops in a future X-Men movie, Glen Powell said:

“Before Comic-Con, everybody was like, “Dude, are you Cyclops?” No, I’m not. Nobody has called me. I don’t even have one contact info for Marvel, so I have no idea what people are talking about.”

Cyclops in Marvel’s X-men

Having been more than a year since Disney acquired X-Men, fans are still waiting for new mutant content. Considering Wolverine and Cyclops are hot property, fans are impatiently waiting for some casting news.

Tye Sheridan as Cyclops in X-Men: Apocalypse.

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When it comes to casting, not only does Glen Powell have an uncanny similarity to Cyclops, but he also demonstrated his acting chops in the film, being more sufficient in a supporting role. He played Lt. Jake ‘Hangman’ Seresin in Top Gun: Maverick.

Source: Vanity Fair



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