“Nobody wants a baby Goku and friends anime”: Dragon Ball: Daima Has Some Major Flaws and Fans Are Not Happy About It

Dragon Ball: Daima is not being received very positively by the fans as they want something different.

"Nobody wants a baby Goku and friends anime": Dragon Ball: Daima Has Some Major Flaws and Fans Are Not Happy About It


  • Dragon Ball: Daima, planned for a fall 2024 release, has scintillated notable excitement among fans.
  • Dragon Ball: Daima will see our beloved Z Warriors embark on a new story, where they have been transformed back into their kid selves.
  • Fans are not happy with the latest project and want to see the upcoming arcs of Dragon Ball Super.
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Dragon Ball: Daima was unveiled by Toei Animation at New York Comic-Con in 2023 and will depict the journey of Son Goku along with his friends as they take on an evil protagonist. The component of surprise in the approaching series is that all the Z fighters have metamorphosized into kids, and they need to fight to reclaim their original form.

Dragon Ball DAIMA
Dragon Ball DAIMA

Although this is thrilling news for the fanatics of the series, a substantial number of the fanbase is not happy with Dragon Ball Daima and has expressed their opinions on social media platform X, formerly known as Twiter.

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Fans are disappointed with the upcoming Dragon Ball: Daima series

The excitement surrounding Dragon Ball: Daima was pretty elevated since Goku and Vegeta were going to return after a very long span, along with the Z fighters.

Dragon Ball: Daima adds a very bewitching twist to the storyline, which will include our favorite Z fighters turning into children and needing to fight to reclaim their original state.

The sequel also bears quite high expectations since the creator of the Dragon Ball Universe, Akira Toriyama, is endorsed to be laboring very closely with the production team. Dragon Ball: Daima is scheduled for fall 2024.

an image from dragon ball daima trailer
Son Goku from Dragon Ball DAIMA

Despite the upcoming series being promising, many fans are not delighted with it and wish to have gotten something different rather than Goku and his friends being turned into children by a mysterious power. They expressed their dissatisfaction with X, formerly known as Twiter.



Despite the initial backlash regarding the forthcoming installment in the Dragon Ball series, it would be impeding to see how it turns out in the end. With the involvement of Akira Toriyama, the sequence has a very high set of anticipation from the audience.

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More on Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Daima is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2024 and despite the dissimilarity in opinions within the fandom, the sequence is being awaited immensely.


The plot of Dragon Ball Daima is comparable to Dragon Ball GT; however, the former is canon while GT was just an entire filler, and all the events that would happen in Dragon Ball Daima would affect the main storyline as well.

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Goku transforming into Super Saiyan
Goku transforming into Super Saiyan

Many fans foresee that Dabura might be behind this nasty task but nothing has been confirmed as of now and they need to wait a bit elongate to see who the antagonist of the series will be.


The new installment would also bring back blood, which was omitted in Dragon Ball Super for obscure reasons, and would add a new feel to the upcoming gruesome fights.

You can watch the latest movie, Dragon Ball Super Hero, on Crunchyroll.


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