“Not a single good MCU Movie since Endgame”: Marvel Fans Voice Their Frustration After Kevin Feige’s Recent Comments on Future MCU Movies

Kevin Feige’s excitement about the future of the MCU is not enough to appease the Marvel fans.

"Not a single good MCU Movie since Endgame": Marvel Fans Voice Their Frustration After Kevin Feige's Recent Comments on Future MCU Movies


  • Kevin Feige says he is as enthusiastic about his work with Marvel Studios today as he was on Day 1.
  • Fans disagree as they say, that the MCU post-Endgame has been quite lackluster.
  • Most projects since the Infinity Saga's conclusion have been disappointing, with a few rare exceptions.
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Starting with the 2008 movie Iron Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown to become a franchise worth billions of dollars under the leadership of Kevin Feige. Fans of the series have followed up with every project released under it. While the studio has continued introducing new characters and future villains in the saga, things haven’t been the same for fans since the last Avengers movie.

Iron Man (2008)
Iron Man (2008)

Fans have been quite vocal about it and have constantly shared their disappointment with the post-Endgame era of the MCU. And they have again done the same following the president of Marvel Studios’ recent remarks about the studio and his work over the past decade in the superhero franchise.

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Kevin Feige Talks About Marvel Studios’ Impact

Kevin Feige has been at the helm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the superhero franchise began with the Robert Downey Jr. starring Iron Man. And during his interview, the Marvel head shared that he is as enthusiastic about his job as he was on day one.

Kevin Feige (via CNBC)
Kevin Feige (via CNBC)

“I feel so lucky that I get to do this job,” he told Variety in a recent interview. He also shared the joy of seeing an actor transforming into a superhero and how bringing these characters to life has been a wholesome experience for him.

Feige also stated how there is still a lot to explore in the MCU, saying,


“The great thing about Marvel truly is how many wonderful, interesting characters we have in the comics,” before adding, “Even after 32 movies, it feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface.”

A still from Avengers: Endgame
Avengers: Endgame

While fans have been on the same page as the studio head, they have had varied opinions about the movies following Avengers: Endgame. They took this opportunity to share their disappointment with the superhero universe following Feige’s comments about exploring more in the future.

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Fans Share Their Disappointment With the Post-Endgame Era

The vastness of Marvel comic books is filled with countless characters and stories. And Kevin Feige’s statement suggests that the studio could be planning to introduce and explore new characters in the future phases of the MCU.

50-State Initiative - Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

However, fans have shared their concern regarding it due to the diminishing quality of the movies following Avengers: Endgame. They have claimed that the only movies worth applauding in the post-Endgame era have been Spider-Man: No Way Home and Guardians of the Galaxy 3, as most of them have “messed up the MCU.”



Fans also stated how the studio has started focusing on the number of projects and suggested putting more time and effort into a specific number of projects released in a year. The studio has recently released the highly anticipated Loki Season 2, and the next MCU movie to hit theatres is the Brie Larson starrer The Marvels.

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