“Not an opportunist. She loves old people”: Al Pacino’s 29-Year-Old Pregnant Girlfriend Not a Gold Digger Aiming for His $120M Fortune, Claims Her Friend

"Not an opportunist. She loves old people": Al Pacino's 29-Year-Old Pregnant Girlfriend Not a Gold Digger Aiming for His $120M Fortune, Claims Her Friend

First linked in April 2022, Al Pacino and 29-year-old Noor Alfallah are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child, due in May 2023. At the age of 83, Pacino is already a proud father to three adult children, including daughter Julia and twins Anton and Olivia from previous relationships. While Pacino has often maintained a private stance regarding his personal life, he and Alfallah have captured the attention of the media and fans on several occasions. And now, with the news of the pregnancy, the intrigue surrounding Alfallah has skyrocketed.

Al Pacino
Al Pacino

Despite his remarkable career and high-profile romances, Pacino has consistently described himself as “shy” when discussing relationships in public. And hence, not much information about the couple is available online. But does this mean that it’s fair for people to make assumptions?

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Is Al Pacino’s girlfriend a gold-digger?

As soon as the news about the couple’s pregnancy surfaced online, social media users started targeting the 29-year-old producer for her life choices. Citing that Alfallah has a history of befriending old rich men like Mick Jagger, 79, and Nicholas Berggruen 61, people began speculating that Al Pacino’s new girlfriend might be a gold-digger, interested in The Godfather actor’s $120 million fortune.

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However, squashing all baseless theories, Alfallah’s friend spoke to Pop Crave about the real reason why she likes befriending old men. Her friend said,

“She is very positive and not an opportunist. She loves old people and these guys are fascinating.”

Noor Alfallah
Noor Alfallah

Moreover, her friend added that Alfallah is an old soul with a youthful spirit and hence older men feel young around her. Citing that Pacino’s girlfriend, a Kuwaiti-American has family money owing to her father’s oil investment business, she reiterated that Alfallah is a ‘very decent, good person.’

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Al Pacino on fatherhood

Weeks after Robert De Niro announced the news of him welcoming his seventh child at the age of 79, Al Pacino surpassed him by becoming the oldest dad in Hollywood at 82. Already a father to three children, that includes his 22-year-old twins Oliva and Anton and his 33-year-old daughter Julie, Pacino once said that fatherhood has changed his perspective.

Al Pacino 2
Al Pacino

As reported by The Insider in 2015, Pacino said,

“Before I had my three, I’d walk around in my own head, not noticing anything. Acting used to be everything; now, because of them, it’s just a small part.”

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Pacino’s oldest daughter Julie is a producer, writer, and director who has studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. Meanwhile his twins, who were born via in-vitro fertilization, are not currently involved in the entertainment industry.

Source: Page Six, Insider

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