Not Eren or Levi, Hajime Isayama Finds Another Attack on Titan Character to be the Hardest to Draw

Mikasa Ackerman is the most difficult character to draw in Attack on Titan for Hajime Isayama.

Not Eren or Levi, Hajime Isayama Finds Another Attack on Titan Character to be the Hardest to Draw


  • Mikasa Ackerman, along with Eren, Armin, and Levi, is a pivotal character in the series.
  • Isayama has remarked in the past that she is the most difficult character to draw, and her features explain why.
  • Despite her harsh, uncompromising demeanour being the polar opposite of typical anime female characters, Isayama intended to make Mikasa the series' poster lady.
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Hajime Isayama, the genius mind behind the epic story of Attack on Titan has got a lot of appreciation from his fans for his series. As the series finally ended, many things were brought out about the series, its creation, the characters, storylines, etc. The one aspect that was quite interesting to learn was the fact that there is one character that according to Isayama was the most difficult character for him to draw. And this character is Mikasa Ackerman.

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Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titans
Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the most important characters in the series along with Eren, Armin, and Levi. She is one of the most unique characters of the series and probably the best soldier after Levi Ackerman. Isayama has stated in the past that she is the most difficult character to draw and her characteristics explain the reason for it.


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Hajime Isayama Finds Mikasa Ackerman To Be The Hardest To Draw

Eren Yeager saved Mikasa after human traffickers killed her parents, and she resided with him and his parents, Grisha and Carla, before the fall of Wall Maria. She is the last descendent of the Shogun clan to remain on Paradis Island, and so related to the Azumabito dynasty, and she wields tremendous political power in Hizuru. Mikasa cherishes her friends and caretakers, viewing them as the last surviving members of a family she cannot afford to lose. Mikasa Ackerman has a fairly distinct character design compared to the other characters in the series. However, this implies that Isayama will need additional time to create the design.

mikasa ackerman at the end of attack on titan
Mikasa Ackerman At The End Of Attack on Titan

Mikasa is the most difficult character to draw, according to Isayama. When he wrote Mikasa, Isayama believed he was influenced by Casca from Berserk. Her character design has a unique approach to it and to create that, it must take a tremendous amount of time.

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Mikasa Ackerman Has a Complex Character Design

Mikasa Ackerman was the first character Isayama created in the world of Attack on Titan, not the protagonist Eren Yeager. Mikasa was based on a real person Isayama knew before becoming a manga artist, and Isayama kept the initial notion of her being Asian for her to stand out among the Western look-a-like cast. Despite her harsh, uncompromising nature being the polar antithesis of usual anime female characters, Isayama planned to make Mikasa the series’ poster girl. Mikasa Ackerman’s distinct appearance is adored by fans. Mikasa’s relationship with Eren is without a doubt her most important and defines her.

mikasa always had a soft spot for eren

Isayama even named her after a Japanese battleship since he believed that series with heroines named after battleships were always successful. Mikasa is truly one of the most loved characters of the show with a unique design and approach to the stereotypical female side character.


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