“…Not even a hesitation”: Franchise Creator Ed Boon Makes Surprising Choice for Mortal Kombat Character He’d Like to See in Super Smash Bros.

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We never thought we’d see the day where the ultra-gory, blood-and-guts fighting game Mortal Kombat would be discussed in the same breath as the franchise’s very antithesis, Super Smash Bros, yet here we are.


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You have read that right, this was indeed a question lobied at the creator of the bloodiest fighting game ever as to who he’d include in the cuddliest fighting game ever. It sounds odd on paper, the idea just sounds like a fish-out-of-water, yet there’s some artistic merit to it. We never knew we wanted this until now.


Mortal Kombat and Super Smash Bros – Matchmade in Heaven

Super Smash Bros

Well, during a conversation with Axios, Mortal Kombat franchise creator Ed Boon had a surprising answer when asked which character he’d like to see in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros.

Scorpion. Not even a hesitation… I guess if they want two, it would be Scorpion and Sub-Zero.”

In fairness to Ed Boon, when you ask someone about Mortal Kombat, even if they’ve never played (or watched) any of the games/films, they’d be able to tell you who Scorpion and Sub-Zero are. When prompted as to why it was these two, it was this very reason he mentioned.


“Why? Because they’re instantly identifiable visually. And “it’s cool to see a spear pull somebody,” referring to Scorpion’s signature weapon.”

The thought of booting up our Nintendo Switch and Super Smash Bros, before loading an arena and finding Scorpion trying to batter the likes of Mario and Kirby is a unique one, and for now, it’s exactly that, just a thought. As far as we’re all aware, there’s no offer being made to include any of the characters from Mortal Kombat into the friendliest fighting game, but we can live in hope.

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Super Smash Bros usual roster of happy-go-lucky fighters is primarily made up from family-friendly characters, but in more recent times the inclusion of the likes of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series, and of course Batman and Joker have shown an inclination for Nintendo to dip their toes in the M-rated waters. If in the future Nintendo decide to allow us to spear Mario through his head AND hear that infamous catchphrase at the same time? Well both Ed Boon and myself will be happy.


What about you? Which Mortal Kombat characters would you want to see included in Super Smash Bros? Let us know in the comments!

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