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‘Not For Gays’: Twitter Trolls Fighting Back After Lynda Carter’s ‘Wonder Woman is Queer’ Comment

Lynda Carter, who portrayed Wonder Woman in the 1970s tv show, has bashed a troll who couldn’t stop criticizing Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman.” According to a website, the actress, 66, who played the Princess of Themyscira in the original TV series, turned to Twitter to chastise the bully for his misogynistic comments about this year’s box office blockbuster. Here are all the details:

All about Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman:

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.
Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman was created by Marston in the aftermath of Superman’s fame as a counter-programming to the Man of Steel. She became an overnight sensation with fans and quickly rose to prominence as perhaps the most popular female superhero in DC comic books. When  Lynda Carter was cast as Wonder Woman and her hidden persona, Diana Prince, in the 1975 film Wonder Woman, Carter’s acting career began. From 1975 through 1979, the series ran for three seasons on ABC and afterwards on CBS. Carter’s portrayal, which was based on the character’s innate kindness, featuring a comic-accurate outfit and a catchy title song, was nothing short of legendary.

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What was the Twitter controversy with Carter?

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman as a queer icon.

The actress celebrated Pride Month by posting a fan artwork of Wonder Woman in front of rainbow colors with the caption: “Happy Pride! So excited to celebrate with all my LGBTQIA+ friends and fans”. To this, a Twitter user wrote, “Wonder Woman IS NOT A SUPERHERO FOR GAYS”. Obviously infuriated, Carter fired back by saying, “You’re right. She’s a superhero for bisexuals!”.

“I didn’t write Wonder Woman, but if you want to argue that she is somehow not a queer or trans icon, then you’re not paying attention,” Carter later explained. “Every time someone comes up to me and says that Wonder Woman helped them while they were closeted, it reminds me how special the role is”.

The Twitter user proceeded to voice his displeasure with Carter’s remarks by responding, “Why did you use Wonder Woman to promote gays, lesbians (and bisexuals?) My whole life you were my hero! What a disappointment you are!”. “Love seeing all the love from LGBTQ+ fans today,” Carter later added beside a photo of herself pumping up a fist.

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Fan reactions to the Twitter banter:

Lynda Carter in a scene from Wonder Woman.
Lynda Carter in a scene from Wonder Woman.

EbTheCat, a user on Twitter, reacted to the incident by stating that Carter was saying all of this today to fit in with the crowd and that she certainly didn’t think of it back in the 1970s. Another user Kirk Brown also said something along the similar lines, stating, “I think you’re seeing something that isn’t there. I know you’re popular with that community and that’s great. But I still don’t see how the two mesh”. The Undrground on Twitter reminded Carter that until now, everybody said that being trans meant experiencing like you were a different gender than you were born as and that being made of Clay couldn’t support that. Twitter user Chase also found a loophole in the story by explaining, “Had a whole man she was madly in love with lol. Damn 2020 and 2021 were bad but we see where 2022 is going, movies are our escape, can have real-life lessons in them but dang why does everything got to fit an agenda and be so political”.

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