Wonder Woman 1984: 6 Biggest Unanswered Questions  

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Wonder Woman 1984 is running strong on HBO Max, and has secured the greatest opening at the domestic Box Office amidst the pandemic. The fan reactions and reviews are mixed, but that hasn’t stopped Warner Bros. from green lighting Wonder Woman 3. The ending of Wonder Woman 1984 was strong enough, but it left quite a few questions unanswered. So, here’s a list of the biggest unanswered questions that fans have been wondering about:


What Happened To The Dreamstone?

We saw how everything went back to its former self once people renounced the wishes they were granted by the Dreamstone. But Max Lord’s ultimate wish was to become the Dreamstone itself. The stone granted him this wish as it disintegrated and its aura was absorbed by Lord. But the ending of the movie saw the villain recanting his wish. He returned to his former state, and so did the world. But, did this cause the Dreamstone to reform, or was it destroyed for good? Well, we did not see it turning back into the citrine stone, so we presume the latter scenario. Although, Wonder Woman 3 can certainly answer this question.


Did Maxwell Lord Face Any Consequences At All?

Towards the end of the film, Max Lord reunited with his child, and the film implied that they lived happily ever after. But, after becoming the Dreamstone, the entire world saw the rise of Lord. And his actions caused a whole lot of chaos. Then as soon as he renounced his wish, things changed. Lord redeemed himself by that one move, but the world did have to suffer for a while. So, for Lord to face any consequences, the world will have to remember what he did. That’s why, I’m going to answer this particular question by answering the next one.

Does The World Remember?


Once Lord started to grant wishes on a global scale, every one began to make their wishes. Due to that, there was complete turmoil all around. People began to suffer the consequences of their personal desires almost immediately. But, when Wonder Woman reached out to them, they all renounced their wishes. Then, Lord also renounced his wish, and things turned back to normal. So, the question that remains is, does the world even remember what happened? I mean, the US of A and Russia were literally seconds away from obliterating each other with nukes! So there has to be some sort of remembrance of everything that happened.

But as it turns out, the memory of everything that the magical Dreamstone of lies caused probably faded away with its destruction. There was magic involved with the Dreamstone, which actually had people under its spell. So, once that spell was broken, the world forgot, and got back to their daily routines. The final scene in the snow showed us a happy world, that was full of hope and optimism. That implied how the world had moved on. Similarly, they would have forgotten about the rise and crimes of Max Lord, and thus he did not face any further consequences. He had already faced the ramifications of his wish by coming extremely close to losing his child.


The ending of the film was similar to Doctor Strange in the sense that the world was inches away from being destroyed, but no one probably even remembers it. That’s why, the future DCEU movies never even referred to any events that occurred in 1984. Wonder Woman 3 might confirm this.

Did Barbara Go Back To Her Former Life?


When the world changed back to its former self, Cheetah also turned back into Barbara Minerva. She was a clumsy, warm and loving human being. So, if her nature was restored, then I don’t see a problem with her getting her old job and life back. I guess, the real question that needs to be answered is, did Diana and Barbara rekindle their friendship? Diana probably figured that Barbara was lonely. And since she may not remember what her wish turned her into, it is possible that she and Diana became friends once again.

Can Steve Trevor Return?

Wonder Woman 1984 used magic to bring Steve Trevor back. So if Wonder Woman 3 is supposed to bring him back, then it will have to resort to some other sci-fi explanation. But, in the final few moments of Steve Trevor, he wished for Diana to move on. Diana also renounced her wish knowing that her love was already gone. So, the next solo movie (that probably takes place in the present day) will not be bringing Steve Trevor back. Diana’s arc in Justice League was also to move on from her past. So, Wonder Woman 3 will probably show her embracing the future, and probably falling in love once again.


Will Asteria Return?

The mid-credits scene of Wonder Woman 1984 revealed how Asteria (Lynda Carter) was still alive. It was just a great way to add the former Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter into the DCEU canon. But will she return and team up with Wonder Woman in the future? Honestly, I believe that it should happen at least for one sequence in the future. Asteria could even don her old Golden Eagle armor once more. But Carter’s involvement in 1984 was probably just for a special cameo, and nothing more. So, let’s wait and see if the next Wonder Woman movie brings her back.


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