Wonder Woman 1984 Post Credits Scene Explained

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Wonder Woman 1984 will soon be out for the world to witness, and it is important that you don’t miss out on the mid-credits scene. Yes, there is a mid-credits scene which wasn’t shown in the initial screenings of the film, but has been added to the final theatrical cut. The film doesn’t have a typical post credits scene beyond that. So, without any further ado, let’s look into the special mid-credits sequence.


Warning: The following article contains SPOILERS for Wonder Woman 1984. Don’t read any further if you’ve not seen the film.


Wonder Woman Golden Armor

The final scene of the movie doesn’t set up Wonder Woman 3 as one would have originally thought. Rather, it marks a special appearance from an actor that is very important to the Wonder Woman lore. And what’s great is that this cameo is actually tied to the Golden Eagle armor that Diana wore in the movie. The final scene answers an important question that popped into our minds while watching the film.


wonder woman 1984

As Steve Trevor got to Diana’s home, he came across the Golden Eagle armor. That’s when Diana gave him a history lesson by using her Lasso of Truth. The Lasso revealed how Asteria, a legendary Amazon warrior stayed back and held off attackers when Zeus made Themyscria to shelter the Amazons. All the Amazon warriors came up with the Golden Eagle armor that Asteria wore while fending off the attack. Her sacrifice allowed her Amazonian sisters to escape to Themyscira. And since then, “The Amazon Games” were held every year to honor her. As we all got to witness, the Golden Statue of Asteria was raised at the end of the Amazon Games.


Lynda Carter

After Diana entered the world of Men, she looked for Asteria but only ended up finding the Golden Eagle armor. The film did great by masking the face of Asteria until the very end. During the mid-credits scene, a mysterious woman saved a little child and her mother. The viewers presumed it to be Diana. But the woman turned out to be none other than Lynda Carter playing Asteria! This was a great way to add the original Wonder Woman actor to the DCEU canon. It was a special surprise, which was actually set up very well by Warner Bros. First, Lynda Carter became a part of the DC FanDome event along with the rest of the Wonder Woman 1984 cast. Then recently, HBO Max even made Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman series available to stream.


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