Not Just Superman: Legacy, Even X-Men Fame Couldn’t Help Nicholas Hoult Bag $814M Harry Potter Universe Movie

Not Just Superman: Legacy, Even X-Men Fame Couldn't Help Nicholas Hoult Bag $814M Harry Potter Universe Movie
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Uber-talented Nicholas Hoult seems to constantly fall short of leading popular Hollywood franchises. Despite having experience with high-profile projects, the X-Men actor failed to bag life-changing endeavors. Unfortunately, this seems to be a trend that continues to haunt the star.


It shouldn’t be a question of skill because if you’ve seen most of his endeavors, you’d know he’s a capable star. His performances in The Menu, Mad Max: Fury Road, A Single Man, etc., proved his caliber to the audiences.

Nicholas Hoult.
Nicholas Hoult

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Yet, the critical praise wasn’t enough to help the actor secure leading roles in esteemed franchises. Previously, the actor spoke out about the back-to-back disappointments he faced when he missed out on Matt Reeves’ The Batman, Top Gun: Maverick, and Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. This didn’t end his woes. He was recently deemed one of the top contenders for leading Superman: Legacy.

A similar fate was observed when he was considered a frontrunner in a significant film in the Wizarding World franchise.

What exactly happened that obstructed his involvement in such endeavors?


Nicholas Hoult Was A Top Contender For Superman: Legacy (2025)

Nicholas Hoult was a frontrunner in the Superman: Legacy race!
Nicholas Hoult was a frontrunner in the Superman: Legacy race!

With James Gunn assuming control over DC Studios as co-chairman and co-CEO alongside Peter Safran, it was expected that a brand-new plan would be devised for the future of DC films. Last year, in December, the filmmaker affirmed Superman’s importance for the studio. Soon, it was revealed that a new movie about a younger iteration of the Man of Steel was in the making. And this narrative will kick-start the new DC Universe continuity under Gunn and Safran’s shared vision.

With the commencement of the endeavor’s pre-production came the race of leading the premise. “Who will be the new Superman?” is all that people were left to wonder. Our thirst for the answer wouldn’t be quenched until late June of 2023.

Nicholas Hoult in The Menu (2022)
Nicholas Hoult in The Menu (2022)

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Before that, however, reports of the top contenders for the role were floating around social media. News outlets reported that Nicholas Hoult was set to screen-test for the part alongside names like David Corenswet and Tom Brittney.

With his previous foray into the Marvel world through X-Men, chances of Hoult starring in another superhero franchise seemed promising. Such aspirations, however, would be dashed when the official announcement made it clear that Pearl star David Corenswet would be taking up the prestigious mantle.

Hoult was one of the final contenders to portray Superman, but he lost the chance to star as a DC superhero—yet again!


A similar fate followed the young actor when he tried to step into the magical world of the Harry Potter universe.

Nicholas Hoult Was Considered For Eddie Redmayne’s Role In Fantastic Beasts

Nicholas Hoult was considered for the role of Newt Scamander!
Nicholas Hoult was considered for playing Newt Scamander!

Fantastic Beasts, the well-received spin-off saga to Harry Potter, brought forth another coveted role that many had their eyes on. For playing Newt Scamander, Eddie Redmayne was not the only talent considered. Warner Bros., impressed with Hoult in Mad Max: Fury Road, reportedly deemed him one of the top contenders for the role (via Variety). Unfortunately, the part slipped through his fingers, perpetuating a pattern in Hoult’s career that he seemingly cannot catch a break from.

Eddie Redmayne was ultimately cast as Newt Scamander and starred in 2016’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the first installment of the spin-off saga that amassed $814 million at the box office. He reprised his role in the follow-up endeavors.

Nicholas Hoult in Renfield
Nicholas Hoult in Renfield

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Consistently missing out on significant roles must cause considerable disappointment for actors in the industry. Nicholas Hoult has grown somewhat acquainted with the phenomenon. However, he refuses to let these setbacks define him. In describing how he missed out on the chance to play The Batman, Hoult once remarked to GQ España (via Variety):

“When they tell you for the first time that it’s not you, it’s painful, but then you have to accept it as normality. I think that’s probably a strength of mine as an actor as well. I can accept that they didn’t cast me pretty well, and when I see the chosen actor doing a great job, […] I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, they made the right choice. They knew what they were doing.’”

What a great sport. Missing out on opportunities is innate to any business. It’s up to us to ensure they don’t make or break us. Nicholas Hoult has mastered this art and has developed this quality into an admirable personality trait. This optimistic disposition makes us root for the actor even more.


We certainly hope the Renfield alum soon gets to shine as the spearheading protagonist or leading character of a notable franchise. If not as a hero, then perhaps a villain…?

Source: Variety and GQ España (via Variety)


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