Not Mahito or Sukuna, Jujutsu Kaisen Brings Out a New Villain with Phantom Parade that Fans Never Expected

Jujutsu Kaisen: Phantom Parade introduced new special grade curse Oboro Zetsu.

Not Mahito or Sukuna, Jujutsu Kaisen Brings Out a New Villain with Phantom Parade that Fans Never Expected


  • Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most well-acclaimed series of the year 2023.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen: Phantom Parade is a new game that is expected to be released by the end of 2023.
  • It introduces us to a new villan, Oboro Zetsu, who is a new special-grade curse.
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Jujutsu Kaisen has been a topic of discussion in the community for the past few months due to the impactful unfolding of events in manga and anime as well. The series has gained an unprecedented amount of fans in 2023 and has also become one of the highest-selling mangas of the year.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade
Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade Banner

Jujutsu Kaisen: Phantom Parade is also on its way and the game will introduce the audience to a new and terrifying villain called Oboro Zetsu, who is a special-grade curser and has one of the most broken abilities in the entire franchise.


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Jujutsu Kaisen: Phantom Parade introduces a new special-grade curse, Oboro Zetsu

Jujutsu Kaisen is undoubtedly one of the best villains cast in all of New Gen, and Gege Akutami has shown their impressive abilities in creating a badass villain time and time again.


This game is no exception, as the audience will witness a new special-grade curse who goes by the name of Oboro Zetsu. Oboro is two-faced. One half of his face looks vaguely human, while the other is scarred and darkened.

One side of his face looks like an elf, while the other side looks dismayed. He also has several tattoos on his belly and, at a glance, looks like a very intriguing villain nonetheless.

Oboro-Zetsu from Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade.

His cursed technique might be one of the most system-breaking techniques to ever be introduced, as he can take someone’s curse technique and give it to someone he wants.

This technique, known as the Treasure of Bones and Fetus, allows Oboro to take away another person’s CT by obtaining their blood and bestowing it upon someone he chooses.


The ability gives Oboro Zetsu a significant advantage over any opponent and it would be interesting to see how Itadori and others fair up against him.

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When will Jujutsu Kaisen: Phantom Parade be released?

Fans are looking for more info on the Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade but as it stands, not many details have been released yet.

Although we do know the story will have several new characters, not much information about Oboro has been revealed yet.

Geto and Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen
Geto and Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen

The game was rumored to be released around 2022, but due to delays and other issues, it got pushed back, and now fans expect it to be released this year.

The pre-registration for the game has been started and you can register yourself in advance, although whenever it releases, the game is going to increase the hype of the series even more and will increase the number of fans as well.


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