Not Tony Tony Chopper or Smoker, One Piece Season 2’s Biggest Challenge is Yet to Come

One Piece live-action season two animators will have a tough time bringing Princess-Vivis-Karoo to life.

Not Tony Tony Chopper or Smoker, One Piece Season 2's Biggest Challenge is Yet to Come


  • One Piece live-action animators have a tough ride ahead with the upcoming seasons.
  • More than Chopper or Smoker, Princess-Vivis-Karoo will be tough to bring to life.
  • Princess of Arabasta Kingdom's companion is unique, and fans can't wait for it.
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The Netflix adaptation of One Piece has proven that no matter how complicated the manga is, you can always do a good job. Season 1 proved to be a major blockbuster. It did an excellent job in terms of CGI and was well-maintained overall. However, as we proceed towards season 2, some characters who are not Chopper or Smoker will be complex to animate.

The cast of the live-action series were chosen carefully
One Piece Live Action Cast

With season 2 of the franchise officially announced, fans are speculating how certain characters will be brought to life. Chopper and Smoker are the two names that will be difficult to animate. However, Princess Vivi’s Karoo would be even more of a challenge due to her appearance and abilities.

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Bringing Princess Vivi’s Karoo to life in One Piece live-action will be tough

Season 2 of One Piece live-action brings some new challenges that the Strawhats will try to overcome, and it would be fascinating for the viewers to watch it.

One Piece live-action season 1 was highly successful, and one of its major points was the perfect CGI done in the series. However, season 2 will be even more difficult as certain characters are callous to bring to life via CGI.

Princess-Vivis-Karoo from One Piece

Although the most challenging names to animate are either Chopper or Smoker, Princess-Vivis-Karoo would be the most difficult. Her appearance is difficult to draw, and her abilities are another aspect that will challenge the team.


The Karoo is a giant duck that always accompanies the Princess of Arabasta Kingdom, and therefore, she is essential to animate and cannot be left out.

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Why Princess-Vivis-Karoo would be more difficult to animate than Chopper or Smoker?

Princess-Vivis-Karoo is more challenging to animate than Chopper or Smoker because of her appearance and abilities. She is a duck who accompanies the princess of Arabasta everywhere, and therefore, cannot be skipped in the upcoming season.

Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece
Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece

Another challenge is the heavy usage of CGI it will take to animate her. Due to her unique form and body shape, the CGI team will need a lot of effort to make it look realistic. She is also swift, adding more problems to the existing ones when animating her for the upcoming season.

However, the team has proven that they can make things work with sufficient time and effort, as seen in season 1 of One Piece live-action. Season 2 has been announced, but no further information about the upcoming season has yet been revealed to the audience.

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