“Oh my God, I don’t remember doing that!”: Robert Downey Jr. Freaked Out While Meeting Meryl Streep After His Golden Globe Win

Meryl Streep’s presence made Golden Globe winner Robert Downey Jr. freak out and react in awkward fashion.

“Oh my God, I don’t remember doing that!”: Robert Downey Jr. Freaked Out While Meeting Meryl Streep After His Golden Globe Win


  • Fresh off his Golden Globe win, Robert Downey Jr. spoke of his amazing experience at the awards night.
  • He recalled a hilariously cringeworthy moment with Meryl Streep as an awestruck fanboy of the veteran.
  • Downey Jr. believed that he was fortunate to be part of Hollywood and its fraternity.
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The year has begun with a bang for Robert Downey Jr. after his big Golden Globe win for his brilliant supporting turn to Cillian Murphy’s titular protagonist in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. While the Marvel star’s blockbuster reputation and acting talent has never been in doubt, winning an award on a prestigious stage validated his versatility as an artist.

Robert Downey
Robert Downey Jr. in his Golden Globe-winning performance in Oppenheimer

As is the case with any celebrity, recognition in front of one’s peers is a surreal feeling that will be etched in memory for posterity. Downey Jr. too, was fortunate to experience this high last week at the Golden Globes. The Iron Man actor also remembered being completely starstruck upon meeting Oscar winner Meryl Streep, which resulted in him reacting to the veteran in an extremely awkward manner.

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Robert Downey Jr.’s Fanboy Moment With Meryl Streep

Winning an award on one of the most important stages in entertainment is an event to cherish forever. Robert Downey Jr. experienced this moment during the Golden Globes when he won the award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in the Drama category for Oppenheimer. Apart from savoring the moment with his team, The Judge star recalled his hardcore fanboy encounter with Meryl Streep.

Meryl Streep
Robert Downey Jr. was starstruck by Meryl Streep

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the culmination of the awards, Downey Jr. was asked by the host about butterflies in the stomach that usually occur during events like this. The Avengers star recalled his immense high on seeing 2-time Oscar winner Streep make her way towards him. This resulted in a very awkward exchange of pleasantries that ended with Downey Jr. planting a big kiss on the veteran actor’s cheek.

So Meryl Streep comes over and I wasn’t creeping out, but I was just like talking to her and like, feeling the consistency of her dress, shoulder, like downloading the data, it was a moment. Oh God, I don’t remember doing that!”

The Sherlock Holmes actor sent audiences into raptures with his hilarious narration of the incident. He went on to add that he was truly privileged to be in a fraternity of such illustrious celebrities and rising young stars.


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Growing Older Made Robert Downey Jr. Question His Relevance

At age 57, Robert Downey Jr. is still considered one of Hollywood’s most desirable stars. The actor who has done the gamut of roles in different genres ranging from action to comedy to romance, has an arresting personality and charisma that got women of different generations swooning over him. But turning 50 a few years ago gave the star a reality check of sorts.

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man

Downey Jr. got pensive on the occasion of this milestone and spoke about the kind of roles that he would want to do as he grew older. Discussing the fact that many of his co-stars and love interests in films were getting younger, the Iron Man actor confessed his trepidations to Deadline about how he would be viewed as an older actor.


“I think I just never wanted to be the creepy guy where people say, ‘why do his leading ladies keep getting younger and younger? Why do they think he’s so hot even though we know that the girl who’s playing this part actually has a handsome boyfriend?”

The Due Date star also reflected on the changing nature of the leading man in Hollywood and the fact that he was one of the older actors in the Avengers franchise as well. The star claimed that co-actors Mark Ruffalo and James Spader were the only ones who belonged to the same generation as him. As it turned out, the Marvel alum’s worries were unwarranted as he still continues to engage his audiences as powerfully as before.



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