“It must be nice”: Olivia Wilde Lashes Out at Negative Press Surrounding ‘Don’t Worry Darling’, Claims Male Directors Get Gentler Coverages Despite Drama

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To say Don’t Worry Darling is renowned more for the drama surrounding it than the audience’s keen interest in the premise would be an understatement. The string of controversies surrounding the Olivia Wilde-directed endeavor seems to never quite stop. Even recently, reports and rumors pointed to how the filmmaker and lead actress Florence Pugh got into an alleged “screaming” feud on the sets of the notorious film.

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Olivia Wilde had an interesting response to Kelly Clarkson’s question

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Making an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Wilde was inquired whether or not she thinks the press surrounding the ill-famed film pertained to “double standards” prevalent within the industry and amongst the media. To this, the 38-year-old actress and director had a reply that has received support, while also being subjected to fans’ fault-finding.


Olivia Wilde’s Response To Don’t Worry Darling’s Negative Press

Don't Worry Darling negative press
Don’t Worry Darling

When Kelly Clarkson brought up the notion of “double standards” revolving around Olivia Wilde‘s film, the director did not disagree. Furthermore, she attested to how such norms find their existence in every single industry. The Booksmart alum expressed how “every woman” can relate to such experiences.

Elaborating on the concept, Wilde had the following to say:

“I think, also, this business… I was aware when I got into it, it’s male-dominated. It has been for a long time. Being a female directordifferent, there’s not that many of us. Not for lack of talent, just for lack of opportunity.”

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Olivia Wilde’s opinions on “double standards.”

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The director emphasized how she’s always prepared for the kind of backlash that’s ought to come her way, especially for being a woman in a primarily male-centric industry. However, what seems to transcend certain limits and “hurt” the filmmaker is when the criticism or denunciation stems from another fellow woman. Remarking upon this, Wilde stated:

“Can we [all women] just give each other the benefit of the doubt and just have each other’s backs? Wouldn’t that be great?”

The Don’t Worry Darling-spearhead, circling back to the initial question, answered that the press coverage surrounding her films has never been in her favor and is “different” in contrast to that of her male colleagues.

Olivia Wilde Is Envious Of Her Male Colleagues

Olivia Wilde Don't Worry Darling
Olivia Wilde

Wilde, substantiating her stance, went on to say that she ponders about how her male counterparts seem to be able to carry on with their lives without “as much judgment” and how it strikes an envious sentiment within her. “That must be nice,” She expressed, “To be that guy.”


Following is her full statement:

“Am I envious of my colleagues in the way that they seem to be able to live their lives without as much judgment? Yeah, I think about it. I’m like, “That must be nice. To be that guy.” Everyone’s just like, applauding every move he makes.”

However, to reinstate how fortunate she is to be in the position she currently holds, the filmmaker expressed her gratitude for her job. According to her, the coverage for Don’t Worry Darling, while disheartening, only mounts up to “noise” at the end of the day. If Olivia Wilde dwells on such hindrances, she says she is bound to get distracted. Therefore, she “blasts through” the hate and negativity.

Olivia Wilde's statement received mixed responses
Olivia Wilde’s statement received mixed responses

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People on Twitter seem to be split about the opinions Wilde expressed. Some called it performative; a result of “white feminism”, others lauded the director and pointed out the double standards that seem to exist within the industry.

Take a look:



While the Internet and its citizens remain uncertain about Don’t Worry Darling‘s on-set debacle and the aftermath of it, which resulted in several headlines further aggravating discourse, the rampant vilification of Wilde seems to never cease. The most demoralizing aspect of the entire fiasco is how the film, instead of being acknowledged for whatever story it has to tell, became the laughing stock of critics and the source of petty drama that entertains the masses.


As reviews for the Olivia Wilde-directed attempt point at a lackluster and dull premise, it will soon be revealed whether or not the film at least manages to garner moderate commercial acclaim.

Don’t Worry Darling is out in theatres now.

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