Omori’s Manga Adaptation has the Perfect Opportunity to Fix 1 Major Problem that the Game Ignored

Omori's manga adaptation can fix Kel's character growth in the perfect way and further expand on his character.

Omori Manga


  • Omori is getting a manga adaptation that has fans overjoyed.
  • The manga will begin serialization in June and it has the perfect opportunity to fix one character's growth.
  • Kel's character development could be improved and better looked into in the manga.
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Omori is a game that challenges the norms of how mental health is depicted in the open society and how people cope with different traumatic events in their own way. The psychological horror game tested every fan’s own ability to face their deepest, darkest fears and slowly overcome them through a heartbreaking, twisted story with an end no one saw coming.

The beloved and emotional indie role-playing game from 2020 OMORI is getting a manga adaptation.
The beloved and emotional indie role-playing game from 2020 OMORI is getting a manga adaptation | Credit: OMOCAT on YT

Capturing the horrors of life in a lively world, the game has every fan’s heart in grasp. Each and every step taken by the players becomes essential to the story with each choice determining all the fears and secrets being overcome and unraveled. The game took the world by storm when it first came out and the fan-following has been strong since then. So, for it to get a manga adaptation is something everyone is rooting for.

Omori Manga Adaptation is Not Too Far Away

Omori’s manga adaptation was announced not too long ago and fans have since been waiting for it to come out. The game, to whoever was able to experience it, became a personal and sad part of their lives. The journey that each and every character goes through isn’t just individual to their own but also to the players. One of the biggest reasons the game was able to reach such a vast audience was because of how relatable it was.

Omori | Credit: OMOCAT on YT

Omori’s official X account revealed that the manga would begin serialization in exactly a month with the next volume of Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon, releasing on 25th June 2024. While this is already a step ahead in expanding the universe of the game, fans cannot hide their anticipation for a possible anime adaptation also happening sometime in the future. Before any of that happens, however, the manga has the perfect opportunity to fix a rare mistake that was overlooked in the game.

While the characters of Sunny and Omori, their journeys, and their trauma were handled with poise and perfection, the same cannot be said for every other character.

Omori‘s Manga Can Fix Kel’s Character Growth

Omori | Credit: OMOCAT on YT

There is no denying that apart from Sunny and Omori, the best character development in the game is for Aubrey. Her friendship with the group being turned into a bully and then overcoming her own pain stands as the best growth in the game. It takes into consideration how some of the chirpiest souls get affected by loss in the most astounding and unseen ways. Even the characters of Hero, Mari, and Basil see a similar change in their development. One character who isn’t as properly explored is Kel and fans see it too, while also sharing their excitement for the upcoming adaptation.



Acceptance, forgiveness, and overcoming loss are the main themes of the game. Each of these is handled by every character differently. Kel’s trauma wasn’t explored as well as it should have been. The smile plastered on his face never found a way to come off. The manga has the perfect opportunity to redo his journey and better explore the pain and suffering he went through.


Kel, just like any other person in the game, went through the same trauma. So it is only fair, that his growth to acceptance isn’t overlooked either. The manga can take its time in not only expanding his character beyond his smile but also behind it.

Omori’s manga adaptation will begin serialization in Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon on 25th June, 2024.

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