“Fans will see the fruit of its labor”: Forget Binaural Audio, Hellblade 2 Has Proven Another Revolutionary Tech That’ll Also be Seen in Upcoming Marvel Game

Games have never been closer to real life than they are now.

Hellblade 2 and Black Panther


  • Ninja Theory's Hellblade 2 and Skydance Interactive's Marvel's Avengers: Rise of Hydra showcase the versatility of Unreal Engine 5 in creating visually stunning games.
  • Hellblade 2 prioritizes a narrative-driven experience with believable characters and environments, while Rise of Hydra pushes the graphical envelope with features like the upgraded Nanite tool and MetaHuman technology.
  • Both games offer a glimpse into the future of gaming, where developers can craft immersive and visually spectacular experiences with the power of Unreal Engine 5.
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The games industry’s penchant for innovation is second to none, with advancements in engine technology pushing the boundaries of graphical fidelity and immersive storytelling. These gains are displayed front and center in Ninja Theory’s Hellblade 2, but another upcoming game takes it further.


Skydance Interactive’s Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra recently went viral for its extremely photorealistic visuals, courtesy of the power of Unreal Engine 5. Both the aforementioned games have bonkers graphics, but use distinct approaches that underscore the engine’s versatility.

Hellblade 2 Was Meant To Be As ‘Believable’ As Possible

Ninja Theory cranked up Hellblade 2's realism to draw players into the story | Ninja Theory
Ninja Theory cranked up Hellblade 2‘s realism to draw players into the story | Ninja Theory

Ninja Theory utilizes Unreal Engine 5 to create a deeply immersive world that complements Hellblade 2‘s story. Here, the focus is not on showcasing technical prowess, but on crafting believable characters and environments that draw players into the narrative.


Speaking with Gaming Bible, Ninja Theory boss Dom Matthews explained, “We use Unreal Engine 5 to make the world and character as believable as possible so that we can take you on a journey. Unreal Engine 5 has been fantastic, and I think with Hellblade II, fans will see the fruits of its labor.

However, Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra pushes the envelope harder, and leans into UE5 for maximum realism. At the State of Unreal event at GDC 2024, Skydance Interactive dropped the first look at the upcoming Marvel game.


The jaw-dropping trailer served not only to introduce the game but also to demonstrate the impressive capabilities of Unreal Engine 5.4, with photorealistic visuals, exceptionally detailed characters, and environments that could pass as real life.

Some Of The UE5 Features Marvel 1943 Harnesses

Believe it or not, this is an in-game still | Skydance Interactive
Believe it or not, this is an in-game still | Skydance Interactive

A closer look reveals the specific Unreal Engine 5.4 features that contribute to the breathtaking graphics in Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra. One key element is the upgraded Nanite tool, featuring an experimental Tessellation feature, which allows developers to achieve superior visual fidelity without increasing the file size, a boon for gamers who have to contend with 100+ gigabyte modern games.

The lifelike performances of Captain America and Black Panther showcase another exciting advancement – MetaHuman technology. This suite of tools, including MetaHuman assets and animation software, utilizes high-resolution 4D scans of actors to create incredibly realistic digital alter egos.


The subtle nuances and emotional range displayed by these characters are evidence of the power of MetaHuman tech in bringing mocap performances to life. Beyond these highlighted features, Unreal Engine 5.4 also offers a range of other tools that enhance the development process.

Sparse Volume Textures reduce memory usage during animation and real-time streaming, while Heterogeneous Volumes enable cinematic-quality volumetric rendering with self-shadowing and compositing capabilities.

UE5's MetaHuman tech captures every single twitch and undulation from the actors' faces | Skydance Interactive
UE5’s MetaHuman tech captures every single twitch and undulation from the actors’ faces | Skydance Interactive

With Hellblade 2 out, Ninja Theory has arguably created the best-looking video game of all time (albeit with limited gameplay freedom), and Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra seems to be the only upcoming game that can steal its crown.

However, individual approaches count towards the final product, with Ninja Theory going for a narrative-driven approach, while Skydance Interactive maximizes the engine’s capabilities for an eye-melting superhero adventure, slated to release in 2025.


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