“One of the greatest commercials I’ve ever seen”: Paramount+ Launches Mother of All Super Bowl Ads, Patrick Stewart Leads the Charge

Sir Patrick Stewart starred in one of the most brilliant advertisements created for the upcoming Super Bowl!

"One of the greatest commercials I've ever seen": Paramount+ Launches Mother of All Super Bowl Ads, Patrick Stewart Leads the Charge


  • Sir Patrick Stewart, along with Drew Barrymore and several others, starred in Paramount+ ad for the upcoming Super Bowl.
  • The bold reel includes throwing Arnold (from Hey Arnold) onto the summit, and concluded with Peppa Pig being terrified for his life.
  • People have praised the ad for being bold and were delighted to see Patrick Stewart in a comedic role!
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Paramount+ is here, and recently announced its arrival quite magnificently with an Instagram reel. With a plethora of actors such as Sir Patrick Stewart, Drew Barrymore, and Arnold from Hey Arnold!, the advertisement for the streaming giant is a force to be reckoned with.


Starring an ensemble of characters, the reel has everything that fans could ask for. From Patrick Stewart donning the NFL jersey to throwing Arnold onto a cliff, the world believes that this Super Bowl ad is one of the finest that this generation has ever seen!

Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier/Professor X
Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier/Professor X

Sir Patrick Stewart Charges The Super Bowl Ad

In what appears to be one of the bravest and yet most hilarious Super Bowl ads ever made, Patrick Stewart, alongside Drew Barrymore, Arnold, Peppa Pig, and several others, are seen stranded on Paramount Mountain.

PopCorners Super Bowl Commercial
PopCorners Super Bowl Commercial

In the hopes of summiting the peak, NFL player Tua Tagovailoa attempts to throw a hook onto the summit. As the attempt fails, Stewart suggests “Throw the child” while pointing to Arnold from Hey Arnold! After much consideration, as Drew Barrymore claims that “It’s a stupid idea”, the group is convinced to throw Arnold in hopes of his head getting stuck like a hook. With the music band Creed performing a song, the team gets motivated and Sir Patrick Stewart removes his clothes to show an NFL jersey underneath.

Yelling “Pip pip hike!” Arnold slams against the rock very near the summit.  When the plan fails, Patrick Stewart remarks that only if they had someone pig-skinned as the camera cuts to Peppa Pig. The reel ends with Peppa Pig saying “Oh, dear”. It is by far, one of the best Super Bowl ads ever made.


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And this is not just us complimenting the ad. People took to the comments section to praise the boldness of the ad.


People Loved Patrick Stewart’s Super Bowl Ad!

Dwayne Johnson kicks off the Super Bowl season with electrifying opener
Dwayne Johnson at the Super Bowl

Taking to the comment section of the reel, people talked about how funny the advertisement was. Getting excited for the Super Bowl and Patrick Stewart in a comedic role, here’s what fans had to say about the advertisement:

“@sirpatstew you have surpassed your SNL comedy foray. You air, have chops. Bravo.”

“This is the greatest thing ever created.”

“That was probably one of the greatest commercials I’ve ever seen. Super Bowl grade”

“Whoever did this needs a raise asap”

“This is everything I never knew I needed”

And with the Super Bowl just around the corner, the reel just adds more to the excitement of eagerly awaiting fans. The Super Bowl LVIII is scheduled to happen on 11 February in Nevada and will surely be a highlight for fans of the sport.


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