“One of those profiles was huger than the other”: Margot Robbie Sparks Affair Rumors With Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio After Revealing Who’s Better Endowed

Margot Robbie talked about her chemistry with Will Smith.
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Margot Robbie has come a long way from when her career started. Not only is she known for multiple iconic roles, her most outshining one happens to be her role as Harley Quinn in the DC Universe. Along with that, the actress is also set to play the lead role in the upcoming Barbie movie. From then to now, she has evolved as an actress and become one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie with Will Smith

This, however, did not come without the actress going through the intense rumor mill as a budding actor. Specifically, rumors including Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio. Not only did these evolve with her closeness with Smith, but they also sprouted further and further with their on-screen interactions.

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Margot Robbie And Will Smith’s On-Screen Chemistry Almost Fooled Everyone

Margot Robbie’s audition for Focus was not looking as hopeful as she would have liked. What started as a luggage mishap for the to-be actress soon changed her life as she immediately managed to click with Will Smith, regardless of her appearance being rather deceptive on whether or not she wanted the role in the first place. Even after her wardrobe malfunction, she managed to get the role and star alongside the actor.

Margot Robbie and Will Smith

“You can’t create chemistry. You either have it or you don’t. And when she walked in, it was really palpable.”

Neither of them had expected this charismatic friendship to sprout. And with the growing chemistry between the two, the fans had started to doubt if there was more than what met the eye. These rumors spread so far out that even Robbie’s family became weary of their friendship, so much so that they warned her to be careful while attending parties. However, the actress continuously denied having a relationship with the actor, limiting it to only then being good friends.

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The Rumors Continued With Leonardo DiCaprio And Margot Robbie

Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie

This train of rumors did not end for the actress as soon enough, she was once again pulled into another rumor regarding her and Leonardo DiCaprio being seen together on a balcony. Naturally, Margot Robbie denied these rumors. She further claimed that there was no way it could have been her, considering that it was a model who was easily six feet tall. She then added as to how these rumors would not stop regardless of whether or not she would actually be involved in them.

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