One Piece Chapter 1094 Sets up Jewelry Bonney Against Saturn to take Revenge for her Father Kuma

The Egghead arc is pitting Jewelry Bonney against Jaygarcia Saturn

One Piece Chapter 1094 Sets up Jewelry Bonney Against Saturn to take Revenger for her Father Kuma


  • Jewelry Bonney wants to destroy the world government.
  • Straw hats encounter Jaygarcia Saturn on their Voyage
  • Bonney buries a sword inside Saturn's chest.
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One Piece manga is making the rounds in the community once again this time. The story written by Eiichiro Oda has been going on for more than two decades. However, he still gets readers to grab their seats after every chapter. In the latest chapters of One Piece, two heavy hitters are paired against each other, and it will be interesting to see who wins.

Luffy in his Gear 5 form in the One Piece manga
Luffy in his Gear 5 form in the One Piece manga

After the conclusion of the Wano arc, Oda sensei is not planning to go slow. In the latest egghead arc, Strawhats travels with Jewelry Bonney, who is out for revenge for her father. Unexpectedly, they encounter Jaygarcia Saturn, the Elder, known as the “Warrior God of Science and Defense,” Jewelry is set up to fight against Jaygarcia.

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Jaygarcia Saturn Vs. Jewelry Bonney, who would win this battle?

Jewelry Bonney has been out for blood for a long time because her father lost his memories while creating a weapon for the world government. Due to the excess workload, her father lost a significant part of his memory, ravaging her daughter, who now wants the world government to pay the price.

Jewelry Boney is not weak, as the devil fruit she has consumed gives her the power to manipulate age within a certain radius and whoever is inside that zone.

Jaygarcia Saturn
One of the five elders – Jaygarcia Saturn

In the latest chapter, Strawhats encounters Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the five elders, who is rumored to be highly potent. Sporting Zoan Devil Fruit abilities have given him a strange but scary appearance. Saturn has the power to seemingly kill targets by simply looking at them.


As soon as she spotted Jaygarcia, Jewelry picked up a sword in his chest, but it remains unclear whether it was enough to defeat him.

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Is it possible for the Strawhats to defeat Jaygarcia?

As we have seen, Luffy does not consider who is in front of him when protecting his beloved crew and friends; he even goes to war for them without hesitation. However, this time, his opponent cannot be taken lightly. With a single glance, Jaygarcia could kill anyone.

Strawhats in One Piece
Strawhats in One Piece

Despite Jewelry burying a sword in his chest, it is unlikely that it would be enough to take down one of the five elders.

As it seems, Jaygarcia is holding a lot back and is still not serious, it would be interesting to see how Jaygarcia plans to avoid Jewelry’s age manipulation and how long it will take before Saturn kills everyone else.

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