One Piece: Eiichiro Oda Already Teased Vegapunk’s Message in Sabaody Arc That Once Again Establishes His Status as the God of Foreshadowing

Eiichiro Oda foreshadowed Dr. Vegapunk's message through another One Piece character.

One Piece


  • The One Piece story has taken on a new dimension after Dr. Vegapunk's announcement regarding the world submerging under the sea.
  • The One Piece world sinking was the least expected twist for fans, but Eiichiro Oda, the God of foreshadowing, knew precisely what he was doing.
  • He gave subtle signals about the sinking which no one was able to perceive.
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Dr. Vegapunk’s broadcast about the world sinking into the sea has not only introduced a new twist to the One Piece narrative but has also brought fear into the minds of the people living in the One Piece world. From the reactions that were shown in the recent chapters after Vegapunk’s announcement, it is pretty clear that the general public is afraid.

Dr. Vegapunk's Message in One Piece
Dr. Vegapunk’s Message in One Piece

The One Piece world sinking was the least expected twist by the fans, but the God of foreshadowing, Eiichiro Oda, knew exactly what he was doing. He left subtle hints about the world sinking and no one was able to grasp these hints. But after the reveal by Dr. Vegapunk, these hints have become quite clear.

The biggest hint that Oda gave was through the character of Silvers Rayleigh, or as the fandom calls him, “Dark King Rayleigh.” Oda foreshadowed the sinking of the world through Rayleigh’s job as a coating mechanic, which was revealed during the Sabaody Archipelago arc.


Silvers Rayleigh’s Job as a Coating Mechanic in One Piece

When the Straw Hat Pirates reached the Sabaody Archipelago, they came across a big problem for the next step of their adventure. The next destination on the Straw Hats’ map was Fish-Men Island, which was located underwater, providing a gateway to the new world. However, in order to reach the island, Luffy and his crew needed help.

This was the moment when Rayleigh was introduced to the One Piece story. The Straw Hats found out that they would need the help of a coating mechanic who could cover the ship with a special resin, allowing it to travel underwater. And the only coating mechanic present on the Sabaody Archipelago at the time was Rayleigh.

Rayleigh as a Coating mechanic
Rayleigh as a Coating mechanic

It was later found out that Rayleigh was actually the first mate of the former King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger, and he knew about what the One Piece treasure was. However, after the disbandment of the Roger Pirates, Rayleigh decided to live a low-profile lifestyle by becoming a coating mechanic and helping aspiring pirates reach the new world.


Eiichiro Oda Foreshadowed Dr. Vegapunk’s Message Through Rayleigh

Rayleigh is one of the few characters in the story who knows about the One Piece treasure and, most likely, the mystery of the Ancient Kingdom and the Void Century. Therefore, it can be stated that his becoming a coating mechanic was in no way a coincidence. It was Eiichiro Oda’s way of foreshadowing the biggest doom that awaits the One Piece world.

Silvers Rayleigh
Dark King Silvers Rayleigh

Coating a ship literally helps it survive underwater. Rayleigh most likely knew that the world was going to sink, which is why he decided to become a coating mechanic. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that he chose to live in the Sabaody Archipelago, which would provide him with an easy passage to survive the sinking and take shelter on the Fish-Men island.

Oda is a master of foreshadowing, and Rayleigh’s job is not the only hint he dropped about the world sinking. The doctor of the Roger Pirates, Crocus, who also knew about the history of the One Piece world, decided to live inside the Laboon whale to save himself from sinking. While these hints were initially ignored by the fans, after Vegapunk’s message, they have become as clear as day.


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