One Piece: Eiichiro Oda Once Again Stars Zoro vs Sanji Debate With Latest Update That’s Bad News for the King of Hell

Zoro's and Sanji's bounty gap may decrease after the Egghead Island arc.

One Piece: Eiichiro Oda Once Again Stars Zoro vs Sanji Debate With Latest Update That’s Bad News for the King of Hell


  • One Piece chapter 1107 featured Vinsmoke Sanji taking on Admiral Kizaru and Roronoa Zoro fighting Rob Lucci on the Egghead Island.
  • The latest chapter has divided the One Piece fandom in two with the Sanji fans claiming that their favorite character had a better growth in the latest arc compared to the King of Hell.
  • Roronoa Zoro managed to matched Rob Lucci's speed in awakened form and held him off, but Sanji took on Jaygarcia Saturn and Admiral Kizaru, and even blocked the latter's laser beam.
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One Piece chapter 1107 featured the monster trio facing off against the World Government. The Egghead Island arc is slowly coming to an end, with the battle reaching its climax. The Wano arc was a great one and showcased how the members of the Strawhat pirates increased in strength and were able to defeat two of the Yonko.


Apart from Monkey D. Luffy unlocking Gear 5, Roronoa Zoro and Vinsmoke Sanji also awakened their utmost potential. Seeing the duo increase their power levels, the One Piece fandom often argues amongst themselves about which of the two is the stronger character. The latest One Piece chapter brings forth the debate once again, with Zoro and Sanji holding two of the strongest characters on their own.

Roronoa Zoro and Vinsmoke Sanji Have Improved Themselves Since Onigashima

Sanji - One Piece
Vinsmoke Sanji

One Piece chapter 1107 featured Roronoa Zoro taking on Rob Lucci and Vinsmoke Sanji taking on Admiral Borsalino, popularly known as Kizaru. The former has been holding Rob Lucci since the beginning of the battle on Egghead Island. Since fighting Luffy, Lucci has become incredibly strong and awakened his Devil Fruit powers. The King of Hell did pretty well to match his extraordinary speed, with both almost running out of stamina in the end.


Roronoa Zoro showcased an increase in strength during the raid on Onigashima, and against Lucci, he showed an improvement in speed, ability, and endurance. On the other hand, Vinsmoke Sanji’s Germa powers kicked in, and his exoskeleton hardened like his brothers and sister. It helped him gain an advantage over Queen and unlock a new ability known as Ifrit Jambe.

sanji blocking kizaru
Sanji blocking Kizaru

On Egghead, he was seen to hold off pretty well against Kizaru. During the latest chapter, he stopped one of Kizaru’s laser beams. It surprised Franky and Kizaru and made them ask how he could stop it. Sanji replied that the power of love is stronger than the power of light. Even though it was Sanji’s answer, most fans believe it to be a combination of the hardened exoskeleton and advanced Armament Haki.

One Piece Fans Believe Sanji’s Improvement to be Greater Than Zoro’s

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda is pretty clever with his work. He often adds a few elements in his work that fire up the fandom. In the latest chapter, he sparked the debate between the Sanji and Zoro fans with considerable improvement. But the Sanji fans believed that the Strawhat’s cook had a better improvement than the swordsman.

Roronoa Zoro vs Rob Lucci
Roronoa Zoro vs Rob Lucci

While Zoro managed to keep up with Rob Lucci, Sanji was able to block one of the Kizaru’s laser beams. He was even able to hold off Jaygarcia Saturn and shook off one of his blows before Luffy regained his Gear 5 form. With respect to attacking prowess, Sanji has improved more than Zoro. The bounty gap could lower if Sanji keeps on developing at the same rate.

Currently, Roronoa Zoro is at 1.111 Billion Berries, and Sanji is at 1.032 Billion Berries. With the Egghead Island arc coming to an end, Eiichiro Oda might soon put an end to the debate. One Piece fandom has often had heated arguments on the Zoro vs. Sanji debate. It will be interesting to see how the arc ends and how much the monster trio improves.

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