One Piece: How Did Trafalgar D. Law Turn Into a Woman? – How Did He Reverse it After Fighting Kaido?

Trafalgar Law Turns Into a Woman By One of Blackbeard Pirates Crewmates.

One Piece: How Did Trafalgar D. Law Turn Into a Woman? - How Did He Reverse it After Fighting Kaido?


  • One of the largest fights in the history of the anime series One Piece has been featured in recent episodes.
  • While Trafalgar D. Law and Blackbeard are engaged in combat, everybody was confused when Law and his crew abruptly changed into women.
  • A member of the Blackbeard Pirates named Doc Q carried out this action.
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The recent episodes of One Piece anime have been featuring one of the biggest fights in the history of the series. The fight is between Blackbeard and Trafalgar D. Law. It’s interesting to see two of the strongest characters in One Piece fight their heart out. The fight will determine who is the stronger contender in the race for One Piece.

Trafalgar Law vs Blackbeard
Trafalgar Law vs Blackbeard

According to the story, after the Wano arc ended, all three pirates, Luffy, Eustass, and Law, traveled in three different directions for their journey. Blackbeard, after hearing the news, was waiting for Law so that he could defeat him and get his poneglyphs, which would help him with the treasure of One Piece.

As both characters were getting ready to fight, Trafalgar Law and his crew suddenly turned into women, which confused everyone. Even the fans were shocked to see their favorite character transform into a woman as he gets ready to fight Blackbeard. This was done by Doc Q, one of the members of the Blackbeard Pirates.


How Did Trafalgar D. Law Turn into a Woman?

Right now, Law is engaged in combat with the Blackbeard Pirates. According to the most recent episodes, a large number of them have acquired strong Devil Fruits. The most famous is Doc Q with his Shiku Shiku no Mi, or “Sick Sick” fruit, as it is commonly translated. 

One of the Ten Titanic Captains, Doc Q, uses his Sick-Sick Fruit to spread the feminization virus to Law and the other members of his crew. By using the devil fruit, one can inflict illnesses on an opponent, making them more vulnerable. The illnesses can manifest in a multitude of ways and cause a range of outcomes, including the conversion of males into females. 

Trafalgar Law Turned into a Woman
Trafalgar D. Law Turned into a Woman

Given that Law and his crew were still affected even after their submarine was submerged deep down, it seems that this force has a rather wide effective range. Additionally, the user can recognize when his power is being attacked. However, Law was able to reverse the effects of Doc Q’s sickness and transform himself back into a man. 


Trafalgar D. Law Reverses Doc Q’s Devil Fruit Technique

When Law observes that both himself and his crew are being impacted by Doc Q’s abilities, he says that he learned from his battle with the Yonkos (Big Mom and Kaido) that a significant amount of haki may be used to negate devil fruit powers. In a relatively short time, Law was able to “cure” himself with his Haki and get back to normal. 

Trafalgar D. Water Law
Trafalgar D. Law

This gave him the opportunity to carry on with the battle as usual and, more importantly, engage Blackbeard, who was out to kill him and acquire the poneglyphs. However, Doc Q isn’t shocked because he is aware of Law’s extraordinary strength, which accounts for his 3 billion bounty. Additionally, he discloses that his Sick-Sick fruit is not distinct from other illnesses. It can be readily healed as long as an antibody is found. 

Law’s experience after his fight with Kaido and Big Mom helped him get back to normal after being turned into a woman. This shows that Law has significantly grown since Wano, and he might be able to fight Blackbeard as an equal. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode to find out how the battle between the two unfolds.


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