One Piece: One Terrifying Power of The Five Elders Might Introduce an Entirely New Group of Devil Fruits After Luffy’s Mythical Zoan

The Five Elders Might Possess An Entirely Different Class of Devil Fruits Never Seen in One Piece.

One Piece might reveal new category of devil fruits soon!


  • The One Piece plot has finally featured the Five Elders, and they are now a part of a significant event in the final saga.
  • The Five Elders, as predicted, possess extremely terrifying abilities that have the potential to seriously harm the Straw Hat Pirates, particularly Luffy.
  • The intriguing thing about this is that if the Five Elders' abilities originate from the Devil Fruits, they may present a completely new class of Devil Fruits that has never been seen in the series.
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The Five Elders have finally made an appearance in the One Piece story and are now part of a major event in the final saga. While only Saint Jaygarcia Saturn has been seen taking part in the fight on Egghead Island, he has finally summoned the rest of the Elders who will try to not only stop Luffy but also stop the message that Vegapunk is trying to convey to the world.

Saturn Summoning The Rest of the Five Elders
Saturn Summoning The Rest of the Five Elders

As expected, The Five Elders have truly terrifying powers, which can cause some serious damage to the Straw Hat Pirates, especially Luffy. Looking at Saturn’s fight with Kuma and Luffy it can be said that he is in an entirely different class from the two. The power that has become the biggest obstacle for Luffy in defeating Saturn is his regenerative powers.

Luffy has given his best in trying to hurt Saturn but he comes back fully regenerated every time. And now he has to face four more of these monsters. The interesting this is, that if the powers of the Five Elders are from the Devil Fruits, then they might introduce an entirely new group of Devil Fruits that the series has never seen.


The Different Types of Devil Fruits in One Piece

Devil Fruits are enigmatic, unique fruits that bestow upon their eaters a unique set of characteristics ranging from severely destructive to extremely weird. These are one of the two power techniques that are used in One Piece, and despite their nature, they usually depend on the user and how they use it.

The three main categories of these fruits are Zoan, which gives the user the ability to change into both an animal and an animal hybrid; Paramecia, which bestows a wide range of bizarre superhuman abilities; and Logia, which gives the user the ability to create, control, and change their body into an element from nature. 

Devil Fruit
Devil Fruits

Logia are the most powerful and scarce of the three types of Devil Fruits. Among the three varieties, the Zoan Devil Fruit has three subclasses: Ancient which gives users the power to transform into an ancient animal, Mythical which gives the user the power to transform into a mythical creature and Artificial which gives the user the power to permanently take on an animal characteristic.


The Five Elders Might Introduce an Entirely New Group of Devil Fruits

The Five Elders possess special Devil Fruit skills that make them look like terrifying monsters. This was verified in the Reverie arc, and One Piece chapter 1110 will undoubtedly showcase it as well. They are all capable of telepathic communication, and given Saturn has demonstrated regenerative capability in the latest chapters, they will all undoubtedly possess this ability as well. 

The Five Elders
The Five Elders

As they have not yet talked about or portrayed any other actions that might point these powers toward a different source, it is safe to say that their powers like telepathy, regeneration, and most interesting of all, teleporting from Mariejois to Egghead might be a result of a unique class of Devil Fruit that has yet to be revealed in One Piece.

It has been previously witnessed in the series when mythical Zoan and artificial Devil Fruits were introduced and most recently when Luffy’s Devil Fruit’s real identity was revealed. Therefore it wouldn’t be a shock if Eiichiro Oda introduced another kind of Devil Fruits that are specific to the Five Elders.


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