One Piece Theory: Buggy’s True Devil Fruit Ability is Nuclear Fission, Can Beat Luffy

One Piece fan theory suggests that Buggy has been hiding his true potential which can help him cause nuclear explosions through his Devil Fruit awakening.

One Piece Theory: Buggy's True Devil Fruit Ability is Nuclear Fission, Can Beat Luffy


  • Eiichiro Oda is a man of mystery, and as a result, his magnum opus also follows the same path, which has given rise to several wild fan theories since its inception.
  • One of the fan theories suggests that Buggy becoming the Yonko is not just a mere coincidence but is due to his Devil Fruit awakening, which in its primary stage can help the user dismember any body parts and control it and makes them immune to sharps objects.
  • Buggy's Devil Fruit awakening will likely make him slice objects at a nuclear level, which may cause nuclear fission and result in nuclear explosions.
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One Piece is full of interesting characters, and Buggy is definitely one of them. The captain of the Buggy Pirates was first introduced as a menacing antagonist, which helped the anime gain popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s. But as time passed, he became one of the most fan-favorite characters of the One Piece fandom, including that of Eiichiro Oda.


Apart from other things in One Piece, the clown pirate has grown a lot rank-wise but little power-wise. While he seems to be always overwhelmed by other strong pirates, there is a theory that states that he is one of the strongest pirates of the anime and can even defeat his arch nemesis Monkey D. Luffy. Due to this secret power, Buggy has climbed the ranks to become a Yonko.


Buggy Is More Potent Than People Think

Buggy as a Yonko

The One Piece fandom thinks that Buggy became a Warlord and then a Yonko because the creator took a liking for him, and he is lucky. However, one theory suggests that there is a greater reason why he became so famous in such a short time. Buggy ate the Bara Bara no Mi, which is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit. It allows the user to dismember any part of their body and control it. The user becomes immune to weapons unless it is coated with Haki.



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The theory about Buggy being one of the most famous and potent characters in One Piece surrounds his Devil Fruit. Every Devil Fruit has an awakening. In the case of Buggy, his Devil Fruit Awakening may have something to do with nuclear fission. It has been established that awakening of Paramecia-type Devil Fruits can alter their surroundings. In the case of Bara Bara no Mi, it can dismember atoms and cause bomb blasts.

buggy with bara bara no mi
Buggy with Bara Bara no Mi

One X user wrote that Buggy might be able to split objects on an atomic level, which causes nuclear fission, further resulting in nuclear explosions. As a result, after becoming a Yonko, he was given the moniker “The Bombastic Clown.” If he can do this, he can defeat any character, including Gear 5 Monkey D. Luffy. Living beings are also made up of atoms, so if he can alter the structure from within, there would be explosions happening from within his enemies that could destroy them.

More on One Piece

One Piece chapter 1053 first revealed that Buggy became a Yonko along with Monkey D. Luffy. While nuclear explosions do happen from the dismemberment of atoms, it takes multiple detachments for an explosion. Since atoms have a close bond with each other, detaching multiple of them can cause an explosion. While it is a highly unlikely establishment, it still holds a lot of ground as a fan theory.

buggy showcasing his devil fruit powers
Buggy showcasing his Devil Fruit powers

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Moreover, on pen-and-paper, Bara Bara no Mi could have an awakening like this considering its properties. On top of that, Eiichiro Oda never lets anything happen just for the sake of it instead, he researches it and does it. That is why he is considered a genius and the reason behind One Piece still being popular after more than two decades.


Buggy is a former member of the Roger Pirates. So, his not having any special powers, is a bit surprising considering that every member of the Roger Pirates had monster strength.

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