One Piece Pre Time-Skip Theory Has Already Confirmed Imu’s Night God Devil Fruit Ability

Imu with his Dark Devil Fruit is being set to be the natural adversary of Luffy's Sun God Fruit.

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  • Imu could be based off the Goddess of Night, Nyx, and bring darkness and slumber to the world.
  • However, Luffy's Devil Fruit is his natural enemy and thus the protagonist stands in his way.
  • It is Luffy's duty to save the world from being engulfed by Imu's darkness.
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By now, it has already been established that Imu is going to be the main villain of One Piece. However, the veil on the character has not been lifted yet. He is still as mysterious as when he first appeared.


But that has not stopped fans from stringing together various details about the villain to figure out his powers. In one such theory, Imu’s Devil Fruit has been speculated, and it’s too good to be ignored.

Imu’s Devil Fruit in One Piece

Imu One Piece
Imu One Piece | Fandom

According to a fan theory, Imu’s potential Devil fruit could be something related to the night. Just like how Luffy had consumed the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, Imu must have consumed the fruit that juxtaposes Luffy’s fruit.


Imu’s Devil Fruit could be based on the primordial Greek Goddess of Night, Nyx. Imu’s appearance, habits, and theme give away the idea that he belongs to the dark. In the Fall of Troy, Nyx has been described as:

“flooding all the earth with darkness”

Since Imu stands atop the World Government, he played an important role in bringing darkness to the world. After the Void Century, the World Government took over and began its rule of fear and exploitation, conveniently eliminating anyone who dared research their past. Thus, everyone was kept in the dark about the Void Century as well as the wrongdoings under Imu’s rule.

The Goddess Nyx is also described as the one who:


“brought her boon of sleep to sorrowing mortals.”

Imu's World Meeting in One Piece
One Piece World Meeting | Viz Media

In chapter 908 of One Piece, the meeting of the world monarchs was held, officially called ‘Reverie.’ If Imu does have powers associated with a God of Night, the name of the meeting can be a substantial hint towards his intentions.

Luffy is the Natural Enemy of Imu in One Piece

Sun God Nika in One Piece
Sun God Nika in One Piece | Crunchyroll

Luffy’s Devil Fruit allows him to transform into the Sun God Nika, whereas (if the speculation is true) Imu’s Devil Fruit embodies darkness. Both are the exact opposite of each other and, thus, natural enemies.

Luffy has been set up to look like the enemy of Gods. In the Enel Saga, Luffy was not affected by Enel’s attacks because of his rubber Devil Fruit. Lightening was useless against Luffy’s rubbery body. A quote follows:


“Maybe Luffy is Enel’s one and only natural enemy!”

Next, in the Dressrosa arc, it was revealed that the people belonging to the D Clan are called enemies of the Gods. This refers to the natural enemies of the celestial dragons, who are also referred to as Gods.

Dressrosa Arc | One Piece
Dressrosa arc | One Piece Viz Media

Similarly, Imu, who rules the Celestial Dragon, is also a God in his own sense since he is an immortal who has been governing the world since (possibly) the Void Century. But how do we know Luffy is the one who will bring an end to his reign?

The Devil Fruit consumed by Luffy is feared by the World Government. Why else would they bother to rename it? In fact, some officials thought that the fruit was a legend since it had not been awakened for centuries.


Since only Luffy’s fruit was renamed, the World Government fears that it has the power to topple Imu. Thus, Luffy, with his Sun God powers, would put an end to the darkness Imu wants to spread and bring a new dawn.

You can read One Piece on Viz Media and watch the anime on Crunchyroll.


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