One Piece: Usopp Will Get 1 of the Strongest Devil Fruits in Existence and Eiichiro Oda Planted the Foreshadowing With Nami’s Tangerine Garden (Theory)

One Piece theory suggests Usopp will get a power-up before Elbaf.

One Piece: Usopp Will Get 1 of the Strongest Devil Fruits in Existence and Eiichiro Oda Planted the Foreshadowing With Nami’s Tangerine Garden (Theory)


  • Usopp, the Straw Hat Pirates' sniper, is widely regarded as the Straw Hats' weakest member following the Wano arc.
  • There is a theory circulating on the internet that Usopp may receive the power of one of the most powerful Devil Fruits in existence.
  • The Devil Fruit is the Paw Paw Fruit, and it is currently owned by Bartholomew Kuma.
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The sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp, has been considered the weakest member of the Straw Hats after the Wano arc in One Piece. Almost every character got a power-up during Onigashima except Usopp. Even Nami, who is considered equally as weak as Usopp in terms of strength, got the power of Zeus (Big Mom’s soul fragment). 

Usopp – One Piece

Since Egghead started, he has not been able to do something major in the narrative, and one of the main reasons for this is the fact that his power level is too low compared to the future opponents that the crew is going to face. While he might get away with it during Egghead, he seriously needs to grow in terms of strength because the next arc (Elbaf village) will put a special focus on him.

There is a theory that has been making the rounds on the internet that states that Usopp might get the power of one of the strongest Devil Fruits in existence. The Devil Fruit is Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, which currently belongs to Bartholomew Kuma but will be consumed by Usopp before the start of the Elbaf arc.


One Piece Theory Suggests Usopp Will Eat The Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

According to a theory posted by u/TasumiThierl on Reddit, Kuma’s fruit is the perfect addition to the Straw Hat Crew. In SBS Volume 59, Oda was asked by a fan about the mystery behind the Straw Hat’s Devil Fruit pattern of Japanese number world play. The fan pointed out that the Straw Hat devil fruits contain all the numbers between one and ten, except 2 and 9, which are the numbers of Kuma’s Devil Fruit.

While many believed that Kuma might join the crew, looking at his current condition after his fight with St. Jaygarcia Saturn, there is a chance that he may die soon, making his Devil Fruit powers leave him. And Usopp is the perfect candidate for Kuma’s Devil Fruit.

Bartholomew Kuma in One Piece

In the final battle, Usopp is destined to fight Van Augur, the sniper of the Blackbeard Pirates. Van Augur recently acquired the powers of Warp Warp Fruit, which allows him to teleport. Nikyu Nikyu no Mi has similar powers as it allows the user to send themselves to any destination, which could come in handy against Van Augur. Thus, Usopp might have to eat it.


Eiichiro Oda Foreshadowed This Theory With Nami’s Tangerine Garden

There is a chance that Eiichiro Oda might have already foreshadowed this theory. As the story is in its final saga, Oda has already started revealing the secrets of the One Piece world. With Kuma’s Devil Fruit, he might reveal the process of reincarnation of a Devil Fruit to the fans and the Straw Hat Pirates.

Nami's Tangerine Garden on Thousand Sunny
Nami’s Tangerine Garden on Thousand Sunny

The main aspect of this process would be Nami’s Tangerine Garden on Thousand Sunny. The Tangerine Garden was planted on the Thousand Sunny at the beginning of the series, and many fans have seriously hoped that a Devil Fruit might appear on one of the trees. 

If the theory holds any credence and Kuma dies, his Devil Fruit will most likely respawn on one of the trees in the Tangerine Garden, and it will not only give the Straw Hats a chance to witness the miracle for the first time. It will also be the first Devil Fruit in the possession of the newly titled Yonko crew in One Piece.


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