One Piece: Why Are Poneglyphs Indestructible? – Kaido’s Haki Comment Will Make More Sense After Reading This Theory

One Piece theory unravels the mystery behind the Poneglyphs and their indestructive nature.

One Piece: Why Are Poneglyphs Indestructible? - Kaido’s Haki Comment Will Make More Sense After Reading This Theory


  • The Poneglyphs, which appeared during One Piece's Alabasta saga, are one of the series' most mysterious elements.
  • They are the most serious threat to the World Government, and they have been actively working to destroy it.
  • It might be indestructible- and Kaido's words could hold the answer.
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The Poneglyphs, which were introduced during the Alabasta saga of One Piece, are one of the biggest mysteries of the series. Not much is known about them aside from the fact that they contain the details about the history of the One Piece world, and that they are indestructible. As the story progressed, the importance of these Poneglyphs has also increased.

The Poneglyphs in One Piece
The Poneglyphs in One Piece

Out of all the Poneglyphs, the four road Poneglyphs are the ones that, when combined, can disclose the location of Laugh Tale which is the final island in the hunt for the One Piece treasure. This is why they are the biggest threat to the World Government and they have been actively trying to destroy them.

However, the strange thing about the Poneglyphs is their indestructibility. No one knows how the Poneglyphs were made and how they have been so intact even after so many years. But there is one theory that states that the Poneglyphs were imbued with Haki during their creation, which is why they cannot be destroyed at all.


The Indestructibility of the Poneglyphs in One Piece

Poneglyphs are enormous, cubic slabs fashioned from an unidentified, unbreakable stone. They are classified into three sorts that can be found all over the world: historical, instructional, and road. The Historical and Instructional Poneglyphs are dark blue, whereas the Road Poneglyphs are deep red. 

There are thirty Poneglyphs that have been spread across the islands in One Piece. It was recently disclosed that the Kozuki family carved them during the Void Century and after that, only Oden, who was a part of Gol D. Roger’s crew, was able to achieve this feat. However, this led to One Piece fans’ questioning about how they accomplished this given the stone’s indestructibility. 

Poneglyphs - One Piece
Poneglyphs – One Piece

Even the World Government, the most powerful institution in the One Piece world, was unable to destroy a single Poneglyph and ultimately declared a ban on researching and studying about them. This in itself speaks about the strange nature of the Poneglyphs.


Theory Suggests Poneglyphs Are Imbued With Haki

According to a wild theory posted by u/Eastern-Carpenter-71 on Reddit, the Poneglyphs, just like the Black Blades, are imbued with Haki which is why they are indestructible. There have only been two black blades sighted by fans thus far, making them extremely unusual. The Black blades are made by imbuing Armament Haki on them continuously.

Mihawk's Sword
Mihawk’s Sword

In the One Piece universe, Black blades do not appear by chance. Rather, the user must forge them on their own. Mihawk and Ryuma are the only users who have been known to forge the Black blades. It is thought that a Black Blade is far more robust than a conventional blade and nearly unbreakable. They are the only known things other than the Poneglyphs which are termed as indestructible in One Piece.

Therefore, according to the theory, just like Black blades, Poneglyphs were also made by imbuing Haki in them. This also sits perfectly with Kaido’s comment about Haki being the supreme power in One Piece. And because Gol D. Roger and Oden were two of the strongest Haki users, they were able to carve out details on the Poneglyphs.


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