One Public Test Later, Ubisoft’s XDefiant Has Been Delayed

XDefiant receives an indefinite delay due to inconsistencies in game experience.

One Public Test Later, Ubsioft’s XDefiant Has Been Delayed


  • XDefiant receives delays due to inconsistencies in game experience.
  • The game's play test reveals a few issues in gameplay.
  • Iconic faction roster has numerous Ubisoft game factions.
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Recently, on September 28th, Ubisoft’s free-to-play competitive FPS game XDefiant held a PC play test for gamers to log in and play some of the content that will hopefully be coming to the game once it officially releases.


The reason for this playtest is so that game developers can release content out into the gaming community for testing and to receive feedback to help the developers work on any issues they may not find, but players will, and sadly, they did.

Why Has XDefiant Received These Delays?

One Public Test Later, Ubsioft’s XDefiant Has Been Delayed
XDefiant releases a public test, but it revealed a few errors in gameplay.

The main goal of a playtest is to allow an outside source to test the current build of a game to ensure that if there are any issues within the game, they can be found and reported back to the developer to be patched once the game officially releases.


Unfortunately, this has led to XDefiant receiving a delay in its ‘preseason’ release that was expected sometime this month, as it has been reported that XDefiant has inconsistencies within the gameplay experience.

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This has led the developers to make the tough decision to delay the game’s ‘preseason’ release until these issues can be resolved, which could take a large amount of time as currently there has been no mention of an estimated release date.


The primary reason the developers have decided to take this course of action is the fact that they want to ensure that when players do get their hands on XDefiant, it will be a best-in-class arcade shooter that can compete against the more popular titles that are already releasing this month, like Counter-Strike 2 and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

What Were the Players Responses to the XDefiant Play Test?

One Public Test Later, Ubsioft’s XDefiant Has Been Delayed
XDefiant receives delay due to inconsistencies with game experiences.

Throughout the playtest, besides the few issues that have been found by the gaming community, quite a large number of players had positive things to say about the game, as some mentioned that it was a rather fun and new experience that they enjoyed throughout the playtest.


There were also some comments regarding XDefiant’s ‘iconic faction roster, which looks to be filling out more and more as the game gets closer to release as players have caught a glimpse of factions from numerous Ubisoft titles.

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Since this is a Ubisoft game, it makes sense that the main draw for XDefiant is that it will bring together the numerous different factions from within Ubisoft’s different titles that they have released over the years, such as The Division, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, and even some of the other Tom Clancy projects.


This has left many gamers wondering which other factions will be entering the fray in XDefiant once the game is officially released, as Ubisoft has such a wide variety of game franchises that it can pull inspiration from, which will make sense within the setting of Ubisoft’s upcoming game.

This isn’t the first time that XDefiant has received a delay this year, as the game was originally planned to be released in the summer but was delayed. Now players are wondering how long it will be before they hear news regarding a future release date, as for now they have been left in the dark.

For now, players are still eagerly awaiting the release of the game, as there are many who believe this could be a potential hit if it releases in a working state, but there are also those who feel it will turn out to be a major flop. What do you think about XDefiant? Do you think it will be a failure, or will it succeed where others like it have failed? Let us know in the comments what you think!


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