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One-Punch Man: Saitama’s New Killer Move ‘Serious Table Flip’ Just Totalled the Moon

One of the strongest characters in One-Punch Man, Saitama, there are a few more occurrences where he can show his skills since the villains in the series die before this hero can unleash his full potential. Although, recent improvements in the manga finally showed Saitama against an opponent where he unleashed all out. Previously, he has already used one of his ace moves, and now he unleashed two more in Chapter 165.

One-Punch Man, Saitama vs Garo
One-Punch Man, Saitama vs Garou

[Spoiler alert]

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Garou is also undoubtedly one of the most powerful and durable characters in One-Punch Man. This villain has survived many life-or-death battles and is always getting stronger. His newest transformation allows him to use divine power, making him a stronger opponent and a better impostor. His Cosmic Fear Mode transformed his body to tough enough to withstand Saitama’s Killer Move such as Serious Punches while also allowing him the mastery to replicate the technique.

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One-Punch Man: Saitama Unleashes New Killer Moves

Serious Table Flip, Saitama
Serious Table Flip, Saitama

In the newest chapter, the war between the two Killer Moves Serious Punches was so powerful that even Blast couldn’t prevent it. It is so strong that his companions had to come forward and blast the two Earthlings to one of Jupiter’s moons.

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Knowing they were transported far from Earth, Saitama finally decides of fighting at full strength unleashed, even though he wasn’t very excited about it. Instead of excitement he was more worried about Genos’ core and giving Garou a serious beating. So, he gripped the core in one hand and attacked using the other.

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And of course, Garou didn’t put up with Saitama’s punches lying down, using the skills he copied from Blast paired with his nuclear attacks. Shockingly, it turns out Saitama can snatch subspace gates, enabling the hero to move them wherever he wants.

Saitama Unleashes His Biggest Core Moves Against Garou

Saitama unleashes Omnidirectional Serious Punch
Saitama unleashes Omnidirectional Serious Punch

This allowed Garou to carry his attacks to the three-dimensional level, but the bald hero also drew a combination at the same level! These attacks were the Killer Move, a Serious Table Flip, an attack Saitama accomplished by putting his hand into the ground and flipping it.

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One-Punch Man hero’s Serious Table Flip destroyed the moon’s crust and transmitted the debris into the moon’s atmosphere, and then he used the floating debris as a foothold to assemble speed and acceleration. It also fulfilled as the core for the bald hero’s next Killer Move, Omnidirectional Serious Punch. As the bald hero generated numerous afterimages that bombed in all directions, Garou tried to escape through a subspace gate, but he caught up to the villain and sent him pinballing across the outer space debris.


Written by Shreeparna Das