Oscars 2024: Bradley Cooper May Not Win But He Has Already Helped Netflix Make a New Record With 7 Oscar Nominations For Maestro

Bradley Cooper's 'Maestro' has earned seven out of the eighteen Oscar nominations for Netflix films.

Oscars 2024: Bradley Cooper May Not Win But He Has Already Helped Netflix Make a New Record With 7 Oscar Nominations For Maestro


  • Bradley Cooper's 'Maestro' has earned seven Oscar nominations including Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Picture.
  • 'Maestro' leads Netflix's pack of films at this years Oscar with 7 out of 18 nominations for the streaming platform.
  • Netflix's 18 nominations mark the platform's highest number of nominations in a year, surpassing last year's 16 nominations.
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Bradley Cooper’s Maestro has received seven nominations at the 96th Academy Awards, including three for the actor. Cooper is recognized in the categories of Best Picture (as a producer), Best Original Screenplay, and Best Actor for his performance as American composer, Leonard Bernstein. The film has helped Netflix achieve 18 total Oscar nominations, marking the streaming platform’s highest nomination count to date.

Bradley Cooper in Maestro (2023)
Bradley Cooper in Maestro (2023)

The film was a critical success and became the most successful debut for Netflix during its limited Thanksgiving theatrical release. While The Hangover actor aspires to win the Best Actor award, fans have been favoring Cillian Murphy to win the award for Oppenheimer.

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Bradley Cooper’s Maestro Helps Netflix Achieve Record Number Of Oscar Nominations

Bradley Cooper's Maestro secures seven out of Netflix's record 18 Oscar nominations
Bradley Cooper’s Maestro secures seven out of Netflix’s record 18 Oscar nominations

Bradley Cooper delivered an exceptional performance as Leonard Bernstein in Maestro, taking on not only the lead role but also the directorial duties in the film. The film, with its seven nominations, is leading the pack of Netflix nominees at the Oscars this year. Apart from Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Screenplay, the film also earned nominations in the categories, including Best Actress for Carey Mulligan, Best Cinematography, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, and Best Sound.

According to Whats On Netflix, the streaming platform’s films collectively earned 18 nominations at this year’s Oscars, surpassing its previous record of 16 nominations last year. Interestingly, last year’s Netflix nominations were dominated by All Quiet on the Western Front, which secured 11 nominations and won four Oscars. The current numbers will take the platform’s total Oscar nominations count to 150.

While Netflix hopes to win its major share of awards with Maestro, the film hasn’t won a single award at the recently concluded Golden Globes and Critics Choice awards. The other hopeful nominees from Netflix include:

  • Society of the Snow – Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best International Feature Film
  • The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar – Best Short Film
  • May December – Best Original Screenplay
  • NYAD – Best Actress in a Leading Role (Annette Bening), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Jodie Foster)
  • American Symphony – Best Original Song (It Never Went Away)
  • The After – Best Live-Action Short Film
  • El Conde – Best Cinematography
  • Rustin – Best Actor in a Leading Role (Colman Domingo)
  • Nimona – Best Animated Feature Film

Bradley Cooper lost the Best Actor award to Cillian Murphy at the Golden Globes. Fans have been speculating about a rivalry between the two actors during the awards season. Many fans, favoring Murphy for the award, have gone so far as to accuse Cooper of being jealous of Murphy’s higher chances of winning the Oscar.

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Fans Do Not Favor Bradley Cooper To Win The Best Actor Oscar

Bradley Cooper in Maestro (2023)
Bradley Cooper in Maestro (2023)

Bradley Cooper has been the victim of online shaming ever since he became a contender for the Best Actor Oscar. Fans of Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy have brutally trolled the American Sniper actor for alleged jealousy towards Murphy. They inferred this from his comment in a Variety interview, which they perceived as a subtle dig at Murphy.


While discussing his Maestro role with Emma Stone, Cooper stated, “This wasn’t like you got a call, and in six months you’re going to do it. This had to have taken years.” Fans alleged that he was referring to Murphy’s revelation that he had prepared six months for the Oppenheimer role. Fans also shared Murphy’s Golden Globe-winning moment on social media, accusing Cooper of concealing his anger at losing the award (via Men’s Journal).

The fan theory suggesting a potential rivalry and jealousy might be a stretch, however, there could be some truth to Bradley Cooper’s Oscar aspirations. The Aloha actor has missed out on the awards nine times, including three times for Best Actor and once for Best Supporting Actor. Despite fans favoring Murphy over Cooper, another actor shocked them at the Critics Choice Awards by winning the Best Actor. Paul Giamatti is now a frontrunner to win the Best Actor Award for his role in The Holdovers.

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Fans can enjoy Maestro on Netflix, while Oppenheimer is now available for rent on AppleTV+.


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