“Our job was… not to put mark on them for the sake of ego”: As Wolverine Dons His Classic Brown Suit, Beau DeMayo Perfectly Sums up What MCU Exactly Needs Right Now

Beau DeMayo makes his intentions clear about being true to the source material.

"Our job was... not to put mark on them for the sake of ego": As Wolverine Dons His Classic Brown Suit, Beau DeMayo Perfectly Sums up What MCU Exactly Needs Right Now


  • Beau DeMayo didn't want to stray too far from the comics by putting his mark on the characters.
  • The recent reveal of Wolverine's iconic brown suit has got fans excited for Episode 9 of X-Men '97.
  • Kevin Feige briefly entertained the idea of making X-Men '97 a part of the MCU.
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With two episodes still to go, X-Men ’97 has proven to be one of the best entries from Marvel in recent years, mostly thanks to former showrunner Beau DeMayo’s passion for the material. DeMayo, who was abruptly fired from the show prior to its premiere, has been pretty transparent with the fans about his thought process behind this revival of X-Men: The Animated Series.


Taking to his X account, the writer shared a new clip for the series ahead of Episode 9’s release, as DeMayo made his intentions clear about respecting the source material without pushing his vision too far.

Beau Demayo Is Not Here to Put His Mark on the Characters With X-Men ‘97

Beau DeMayo is the creator of the first season of X-Men '97
A still from X-Men ’97 | Disney Plus

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with straying away from the source material to add one’s own spin to it, in certain cases, these changes have proven to be too drastic and overwhelming for fans. MCU is no stranger to such issues, but in the case of X-Men ’97, Beau DeMayo made sure not to push his vision too far that the “characters cease to be themselves”.

Beau DeMayo at san diego
Beau DeMayo at San Diego Convention Center | image: Instagram/@beau_demayo

He stated:

“Our job was to shepherd the characters, not ‘put our mark’ on them for the sake of ego… Go too far pushing your vision, the characters cease to be themselves. Don’t go far enough, you’re just playing karaoke with the comics.”

Sharing a brief clip of the new suits in the upcoming episode, which is a callback to the characters’ classic attires from the comics, especially Wolverine’s brown and yellow suit, DeMayo wrote:

“The more things change, the more they stay the same”


Fans couldn’t agree more with The Witcher writer, stressing the MCU should inch towards a similar direction. Many were also riveted by Wolverine’s iconic brown suit, as they took to X to share their excitement for the upcoming episode.



With season 2 already in development and season 3 being greenlit, it’ll be interesting to see what direction will Marvel take with the acclaimed IP without DeMayo onboard.

Kevin Feige Seemingly Thought About Incorporating X-Men ‘97 to MCU

Emi Yonemura, who served as a director on Episodes 3 and 5 of X-Men ’97, recalled that Kevin Feige briefly ran the idea of incorporating the show in the MCU.

But she was glad this didn’t end up being the case, as after some back and forth, the Marvel head decided the show should be its own thing.

A still of Wolverine from the X-Men '97 series
A still from the X-Men ’97 series (via Disney Plus)

She told Inverse:

“That has always been something we know was on Kevin Feige’s mind, do we make this part of the MCU? Do we not make this part of the MCU? It’s actually gone back and forth quite a few times, and I think we did land in a smart place because [X-Men: The Animated Series] was its own thing, and I think that to continue it we needed to be our own thing.”

While fans have been crying foul for Marvel to rehire DeMayo for the upcoming seasons, it seems Disney is persisting with its decision.

X-Men ’97 is available to stream on Disney Plus.


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