Overwatch 2 Players are Adamant One Hero is ‘Unplayable’ Thanks to Season 9 Nerfs

Mercy mains are having a hard time in Season 9.

Overwatch 2 Players are Adamant One Hero is 'Unplayable' Thanks to Season 9 Nerfs


  • Overwatch 2 Season 9 has made major changes to the game, which have left Mercy unplayable.
  • Overwatch 2 players find her hard to use and healing is less effective, leading Mercy mains to switch heroes.
  • There have been changes to other heroes as well in Season 9 and that has players divided.
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Overwatch 2 Season 9 has been out for a week now and the devs have brought plenty of changes to the gameplay, reworked the competitive game mode, updated heroes, and more. While it has all been done to make the experience better, players have come across some problems.


Season 9 brought health and cooldown updates to the heroes in Overwatch 2, and players have now found that these nerfs made one fan-favorite hero unplayable.

Overwatch 2 Season 9 update leaves Mercy unplayable

Players claim Mercy has become unplayable in Overwatch 2 due to the Season 9 update.
Players claim Mercy has become unplayable in Overwatch 2, due to the Season 9 update.

The latest Season 9 update of Overwatch 2 has brought changes to hero, Mercy, in terms of increased health, Guardian Angel, and Sympathetic Recovery abilities.


However, instead of making the character better, players claim it has made her unplayable. A Mercy player took to the r/Mercymains subreddit and said that they played a few matches with her and that it is “much harder” to play as the character now.

The updates to Mercy include an increase in health from 200 to 250, Guardian Angel’s active duration has been reduced to 1 from 1.5, and health recovery has been increased to 40% of healing dealt from 25%.

Players have found that this has made the character weaker than ever before, as her healing is reduced due to the new DPS passive and it feels less effective.


The player further added that due to this, Mercy “doesn’t feel as playable anymore”  and they now need to play with Ana and Moira.

The player also clarified that it isn’t impossible to play Mercy, as many gamers would easily be able to play with her; it just feels harder to effectively use her this season.

Several players have agreed to this and said that Mercy’s heal rate needs to be buffed. A player added that playing her is “awful” and the DPS passive with reduced healing feels “disgusting.” However, some believe that it’s a big update, and players just aren’t used to these changes.


One player added that the developer should remove her healing because it has been ruined with the update, and is of no use to players at its current rate.

Another player said that those playing Mercy will need to use the blaster more often and “desperately.” However, she isn’t the only hero who feels out of place this season.

The latest update has also made changes to other heroes, and not in a positive way

The new season has also brought changes to other heroes and players are already asking for nerfs.
The new season has also brought changes to other heroes and players are asking for nerfs.

One of the biggest changes this season is the projectile size and players have claimed that they are overtuned and have been complaining that it is impossible to headshot certain heroes.


Players have also said that it is difficult to play Tank, due to the new DPS passive, which is very overpowered.

Many players have pointed out that Zenyatta has become more powerful with an increase in his projectile size and they are asking developers for a nerf.

Moreover, Pharah and Mercy’s combo “Pharmercy” is no longer relevant as the latest update has made Pharah more independent and Mercy is now unable to keep up with her.


What are your thoughts about these changes in Overwatch 2 Season 9? Let us know in the comments.


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