Overwatch 2 Players Have Already Given Up on Season 9

The new update has introduced many new changes, with one allowing players to land hits from a mile away.

Overwatch 2 Players Have Already Given Up on Season 9


  • Overwatch 2 Season 9 began on February 13, 2024 and players can now access the 38 GB update.
  • The update changed the size of the projectiles to such a degree that crosshairs don’t have to be on the enemy player to land a hit.
  • There is a list of other changes brought to the game in the Season 9 update, including health and healing mechanics.
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Overwatch 2’s Season 9 update has brought with it some critical upgrades, but not everything is going smoothly for the hero shooter. It appears the update has also changed the size of the projectiles leading many players and streamers to make public callouts about the bad implementation of the update.


Season 9 began on February 13, 2024, and Blizzard had promised some beefy updates to the characters and game overall. Unfortunately, the studio may have taken things a smidge too far and now players are getting kills without even aiming at their target!

Overwatch 2 Season 9 Introduced a Slew of Updates and Changes to the Game

Overwatch 2 Season 9's projectiles are more hit less miss, but not in the good way
Overwatch 2 Season 9’s projectiles are more hit less miss, but not in the good way.

Season 9 brought in an entirely new system for Competitive along with significant changes to health and healing mechanics. All heroes got a boost to their total HP and also received the passive healing ability that was only available to support heroes.


When these changes were first announced, they were pretty controversial, but Blizzard hopes audiences will welcome them with the new meta of Season 9. However, the change to the projectile size is what’s irking many fans. 

The size increase has also increased the hitboxes of projectiles, essentially making it enormously easier to land shots. Overwatch 2’s hitboxes are already pretty generous, so this is exacerbating an already criticized feature.

Many players took to X to share videos of just how ridiculous the hitboxes have become. Streamer Metro placed the crosshairs of his Sojourn well off the dummy character of Soldier 76 and was still able to land hits. 


As we can see, even though the crosshairs are not even in line with the character, the hits are still connecting. This change isn’t just for Sojourn; other players have posted similar instances when choosing Hanzo, Mercy, and other ranged characters. It should be noted that all the videos are against stationary bots, so it may not feel as ridiculous when in an actual match. 

This Feature may be for players who have difficulty aiming in matches

Season 9 brings a rework to Pharah among other changes to characters
Season 9 brings a rework to Pharah among other changes to characters.

This update is going to be a boon for those who find it difficult to land hits during a match, but it’s going to grind the gears of anyone who takes their FPS experience seriously. It will allow for more hits, but in the words of steamer GetQuakedOn: “WHERE IS THE AIM SKILL EXPRESSION LMAO”. 


Overwatch 2 players can download the 38 GB patch now, and also experience everything else Season 9 has on offer.

This includes a rework to Pharah and an Eldritch horror-themed battle pass. Later in Season 9, fans can also enjoy the Cowboy Bebop crossover event, with some gamers speculating that Cassidy will get a Spike Spiegel skin.


However, before all this, Blizzard may want to fix the projectile issue and any other bugs within the game if it wants to retain the dedicated Overwatch 2 player base.

Do you feel the new projectile dysfunction issue may lead more players to drop the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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