Overwatch 2 Will Introduce Its First Non-Binary Hero Next Year

A new non-binary Damage hero is coming to Overwatch 2 soon.


  • Blizzard revealed major details about the future of Overwatch 2 during BlizzCon 2023 including new heroes.
  • Venture will be the first non-binary hero in Overwatch 2.
  • Venture will be added to the game sometime in 2024 with Season 10.
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BlizzCon 2023 provided details on many things for Overwatch 2 players to keep an eye out for. While the main focus was on the new tank hero Mauga, the developers also revealed that the game will be getting two new playable heroes, one DPS character, and the other a support hero.


The hero-shooter title is getting its first non-binary hero with the Damage character Venture as the hero goes by they/them pronouns. The introduction of Venture who carries a massive drill will be game-changing and expands the queer roster of the game after the addition of Lifeweaver and Baptiste.

Overwatch 2 Reveals Its First Non-Binary Hero

Blizzard has announced the first non-binary character, Venture in Overwatch 2.
Blizzard has announced the first non-binary character, Venture in Overwatch 2.

The developers revealed plenty of details on the future of Overwatch 2 during its Overwatch 2: What’s Next panel on Saturday, November 4 at BlizzCon 2023. It includes Battle Pass themes such as Egyptian Mythology and a mirror universe as well as the return of Hanamura with the upcoming Clash game mode.


A gameplay trailer and origin story of Mauga was also revealed alongside the trial period for the hero but that’s not all. Blizzard also revealed that two new heroes, Venture and support hero codenamed Space Ranger will also be coming to the game.

The fans soon noticed something about Venture and when asked the character technical artist Ana Martínez on X/Twitter about Venture’s pronouns, Martinez revealed that “Venture’s pronouns are they/them.” They will be the first non-binary hero in the game and will be coming sometime next year in Season 10.

Martinez followed up by saying, “They’re near and dear to our hearts, so excited to share more about them soon.” Venture will be the first Damage hero after Sojourn and wield a drill gun, allowing them to dig the battlefield and give damage to their opponents when they rise from underneath the ground.


Venture is also said to be invulnerable while they are digging and might be one of the most powerful popular heroes in the game. Venture’s design is going down very well with the fans as they have already started sharing concept art for the upcoming hero on social media platforms. Blizzard gave a sneak peek at their gameplay and also shared a few concept art.

The hero fires an explosive device which is detonated after traveling a certain distance and is their primary weapon. They also have a dash ability that helps them in mobility, but nothing has been revealed about their ultimate ability. The backstory of Venture revealed that the character is Canadian, making them the second Canadian hero after Sojourn as well as that they are an archeologist. Overwatch 2 now has characters from every part of the LGBTQ+ with the addition of Venture.


Other characters from the LGBTQ+ include Lifeweaver who is confirmed as pansexual and Tracer and Soldier: 76 have already been revealed to be gay. Blizzard also revealed earlier this year that Pharah is a lesbian and Baptiste is bisexual. Blizzard has added several characters in Overwatch 2 since the launch of the sequel as it brought Sojourn, Kiriko, Ramattra, Junker Queen, Lifeweaver, Illari, and Mauga.

Venture will be the 40th character in Overwatch 2 and they will be added in the game next year.
Venture will be the 40th character in Overwatch 2 and they will be added in the game next year.

Venture will be the 40th hero in the game after they join the roster next year with Season 10 which is likely to drop around May 2024, but nothing is certain yet. Other than the back story and concept art, not much has been shared about Venture but players might get to know more when Season 10 nears its release. Players can gear up for some amazing action with Mauga who will join the battlefield this December.

Overwatch 2 held its first Pride event earlier this year, but several countries couldn’t access the entire event. It will be worth seeing how developers look to tackle this and hopefully, Venture will be seen in action everywhere.


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