Palworld Adds Incredible Xbox Record to its Steam Accolades

Palworld continues breaking record fighting off other massive third-party games on game pass.

Palworld Adds Incredible Xbox Record to its Steam Accolades


  • Not only has Palworld been breaking records on Steam, but it has also been on Xbox.
  • Palworld is labeled as Xbox's newest top third-party game on game pass, fighting off other top contenders.
  • Is this as far as Palworld goes, or does Pocket Pair have more in the tank?
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As we reach a new month in 2024, Palworld is still taking the world by storm. Xbox has released new statistics that reaffirm the success that Palworld continues to have, only two weeks after its release date, and the game created by Pocket Pair doesn’t seem to be slowing down, constantly gaining traction as it goes forward, even with the alleged copyright infringement investigations by Pokémon rights owners.


If, for some crazy reason, you have yet to play Palworld, this open-world action-adventure survival monster-taming masterpiece of a game is set in an unknown realm where you travel through the land, taming a variety of Pals with a plethora of abilities. As you battle and traverse through the world, you will need to gather resources to build a base and take care of your Pals, not only against enemies but also against the cold, harsh weather elements of this vast open world.

Staggering Palworld statistics coming from Xbox

Palworld Adds Incredible Xbox Record to its Steam Accolades
Pocket Pair’s Palworld smashing records on multiple devices.

On January 31, 2024, Xbox released an update on their website confirming the massive success that the preview game has had on their platform. Not only did Pocket Pair’s Palworld reach over eight million units sold on Steam, but it also reached a further record seven million players on the Xbox, reaching a peak of three million daily active users, making it the most played game at the time. Also making this the biggest 3rd party game pass launch ever.


Palworld has beaten some massive 3rd party games to the top spot on Xbox, which seems crazy considering the list for a long time has been Fortnite taking the top spot, followed by Minecraft and then Call of Duty. It is not even a month after its release, and Palworld is still breaking records. It is safe to say that Palwrold has been a gem coming out of the Pocket Pair camp, and they are still looking to improve the game before its full release on Xbox.

Palworld beats the likes of Fortnite to the top spot on Xbox

Palworld Adds Incredible Xbox Record to its Steam Accolades
Here are just a few of the multiple playable characters in Fortnite.

Fortnite has been topping the chart for the best third-party games on Xbox for a long time. Fortnite is a battle royale with a twist, developed by Epic Games and self-published. Within this massive battle royale, you gather materials as well as collect weapons to be the last man standing out of 100 players. There are a selection of game modes you can choose from You can play with friends in squads of 4, trios, duos, or on your own in solos. In these categories, you can choose build mode, no build mode, or even ranked mode.

There are many different aspects to the massive title that is Fortnite, with the latest being LEGO Fortnite where you can build your own worlds. With a variety of different game modes, no wonder Fortnite has topped the chart for so long. With a game like Fortnite playable with any skill range, it will continue to be played by many.


Which game would you rather play, Fortnite or Palworld? Is Palworld still yet to hit higher numbers in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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