Never Mind Pokemon, Palworld Just Got a New Mod Dedicated to the Other Monster-Collecting Anime Show of Our Childhood

Forget the Pokémon similarities; it's time for Digimon to shine.

Never Mind Pokemon, Palworld Just Got a New Mod Dedicated to the Other Monster-Collecting Anime Show of Our Childhood


  • The latest mod replaces Pal Eikthyrdeer with Garurumon, a highly intelligent and fierce-looking creature found in Digimon.
  • While many fans were worried about the Pokémon similarities, few modders took the creative liberty to explore other anime franchises instead.
  • This kind of creative aptitude can keep Palworld consistently fresh and charming in a way that appeals to multiple gamers across the globe.
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The controversies between Palworld and Pokémon may be at an all-time high, but Palworld’s consistent numbers with its downloads and player base keep putting the game on edge. Often considered to be ‘Pokémon with guns,‘ Palworld has a fair share of modders that keep giving the game all the twists it needs.


From Pals that have uncanny similarities to the anime show as well as animations and open-world structuring, there’s a lot to Palworld that has attracted players from across the globe. And it seems that this idea is going to stay as long as modders make an effort to bring new concepts to life.

Meet Garurumon, the New Eikthyrdeer in Palworld

Digimon used to be an important part of many gamers' lives growing up.
Digimon used to be an important part of many gamers’ lives growing up.

Palworld can have a variety of themes and Pals that bear a resemblance to many Pokémon. In fact, certain Pals and similarities even give rise to multiple genres within the game. However, modders are doing an active job at making sure that these Pals deserve the remake, twist, and polish they deserve. The latest Nexus mod tries to do exactly that.


Essentially, this mod replaces Eikthyrdeer with a remodel that is… not from Pokémon! Yep. Instead, it’s from Digimon. You see, this version of Eikthyrdeer is called Garurumon, which has fur made of legendary material. The creature has extremely high intelligence and obeys those who have the authority to command and give orders.

Who knew that we were going to deal with multiple anime franchises here? As it happens, modders may just have a trick up their sleeves and replace Pals with creatures from different shows we grew up watching. Whether this gets the mod (or the game) into deeper trouble with lawsuits will be a thing time will tell us.

Palworld Is Managing to Stay Consistent With Its Updates

With new updates and mods, the game has the potential to keep shining for a long time.
With new updates and mods, the game has the potential to keep shining for a long time.

The developers have been supporting the game with server updates and a content roadmap, even though fans will have to wait and watch as the game evolves into a live-service title that’s worthy of the purchase. At the moment, Steam reviews of Palworld stay ‘Very Positive,‘ with 170k+ users having a humble opinion about the game that puts it in favor of the positive numbers.


Moreover, there are more than 1 million concurrent players enjoying the game, and it doesn’t seem likely that it’s going to change for the worse. Earlier, the developers shared their joy at having a massive download count across multiple platforms. Their social media also elaborated on the exciting content fans can expect from the game in the months to come.

However, it’s important to note that, usually, multiplayer games on PC aren’t just backed by the developers. If the community for the game is strong, modders generally take the time out to build experiences that expand on the game’s base state. In Palworld’s case, the open world is full of opportunities.

Since the game thrives on a crafting, exploring, and shooting model that pushes players to adventure and survive in a daunting world, there’s a lot that builds on existing mechanics. While Pals can certainly receive a makeover, new weapons and items can make the game’s quality of life even better.


It’ll be a while until we see developers add a lot of new content, but in the meantime, we can expect modders to give the game their own creative spin. What do you think of the Garurumon in Palworld? Let us know in the comments below.

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